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Dark Magic

School of Magic Dark
Domain Arcane
Polarity Chaos
Realm of Origin The Void
Associated Colors Black
Associated Materials Onyx, Obsidian
Crafting/Enchanting Material Dark Matter
School of Powers Shadow
Academic Name Shadowmancy
Traditional Name Lore of Night
School of Powers, Volatile Void
Academic Name Nethermancy
Traditional Name Lore of Nothing

Lore coming soon…

Passive Effects

Passive Effects for Dark Magic are unique to each School of Powers:

Shadow Power Passives

Applies to Shadow Powers only NOT Void Powers

Insidious Force

  • -10 to enemy resist if power is used from behind the target or target is unaware it is being targeted (i.e. caster is hidden)

Void Power Passives

Volatile Powers

  • All Void Powers are considered Volatile Powers

Call of the Void

Using Void powers is a dangerous affair, as it opens the caster up the eternal emptiness of the void, inexplicably calling them towards oblivion.

  • Immediately after any successful cast of a Void Power roll 1d10 per stack of Volatile Void energy, if rolling one or more “0’s” the caster succumbs to the Call of the Void
  • If succumbing to the Call of the Void, effects vary depending on whether an offensive or non-offensive power was used
    • offensive power: the caster will redirect the power onto themselves (or if not possible, the nearest ally)
    • non-offensive power: the caster cancels the power at the last second (still losing the spirit) and instead auto self inflicts a wound (typically with whatever main hand weapon is equipped)

Shadow & Void Power List

See Spirit Disciplines & Archetypes for detailed descriptions of each Discipline and Archetype (including its Critical Cast and Miscast results). Use the filters below to refine your search.