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Mystical Skills

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Mystical skills are a school of Secondary Skills that focus on harnessing and manipulating magical energies. While tied in many ways to the spirit and faith skill mechanics, not all Mystical skills require you to be a spirit or faith class. Characters with mystical skills possess a deep understanding of magic and its intricacies. Mystical skills often require the study of ancient tomes, mentorship from experienced practitioners, or communing with supernatural entities to unlock long forgotten secrets.

Each mystical skill may have its own unique focus and abilities, such as the animator’s ability to imbue inanimate objects with a form of artificial life, the enchanter’s expertise in imbuing items with magical properties, of the spell scribes ability to create consumable spell scrolls.

Regardless of the particular discipline selected, Mystical skills provide players with opportunities for character development and immersion in a world of magic and mysticism. Some skills can even be used to provide players with additional income or provide valuable services to their own party of adventurers.

Due to the open ended nature of many of the Mystical skills, GMs should communicate up front with players selecting these skills and give care to understanding and managing expectations. A player that invests heavily into some of these skills only to be told later that what they wish to do is not possible (or is outside the GMs ability or desire to manage) can leave players feeling dissatisfied.


Animators use magic to breathe a semblance of life into inanimate objects. The simplest form of this involves animating normal objects to serve some function, such as a broom to sweep by itself, a lamp to hover without a lamp stand, or a cart to drive itself. This skill can also be used to create humanoid constructs called golems form a variety of materials such as stone, clay, or metals.

Animators study long and hard to master their craft and must be fairly advanced in their career before progressing further. As such, Animation requires a minimum of level 3 to learn the first rank with additional level requirements for each rank after that.

Animators are NOT required to be Spirit classes, however, Spirit classes are typically more proficient at it.

One attempt at animation may be made each day and requires a workspace or shop on a scale appropriate to the size of the project. To perform an animation requires Arcane, Elemental or Natural essences to provide the prerequisite magical energy.

See the Animation page for more details on creating Animations.

Requires: Animator work space/shop, materials, level requirements


With the enchanter skill you will be granted the knowledge to place enchantments on inanimate objects such as weapons, armor, chests, doors, books, etc… given the right components, a recipe, and the know-how the sky is the limit. You can also remove (dispel) enchantments from items outside of combat and harvest some of the components (but not essences) as well as potentially learn the recipe. See the Enchanting page for more details.

The chart below shows the following: bonus to dispel / % of components harvested/% to learn the recipe

RankMinor (T1)Improved (T2)Greater (T3)Superior (T4)Matchless (T5)

Must roll to dispel first (see enchanting/crafting section) before harvesting and checking to see if you learn the recipe. Casters can use powers outside of combat to dispel instead of or in addition to using the enchanter skill.

Requires: Enchanters sanctum, recipe, components