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Aerandir is a mythical kingdom believed by some to exist at the bottom of the ocean.

The concept for Aerandir, the Undersea Kingdom, was created in part by Jaydon Kutryk and Chester Guieb(Calgary, Alberta) as part of there ‘Knight Regular package’ backer reward from the 2014 Realm of Strife Kickstarter Campaign.

The myth of Aerandir is largely supported by seafarers from all walks of life; merchants, navy men, and pirates alike all seem to have some sort of belief that a vast undersea kingdom exists in the oceans depths. However, that is where any form of agreement ends, for some claim it is populated by mermaids and mermen, while others claim it is ruled by Sea Elves, and certainly no one can agree on the exact location or the extent of this kingdom beneath the sea.

Skeptics cite that no firm evidence has ever been presented to substantiate the myth but for those who belief Aerandir exists, often as the final resting place of sailors lost at sea, many claims have been made as to why Aerandir remains undiscovered by the world above. The most popular myth is that there is some kind of magical pocket of air surrounding Aerandir, such that anything that lives and dies within it would not naturally find its way to the surface. Others believe that a monstrous creaturean ancient Kraken demigod known as Morraukoacts as the gate keeper of Aerandir, ensuring that anyone who finds their way to the Kingdom beneath the sea never returns to the light of day.

Whether by the magical properties governing Aerandir or the presence of Morrauko, it is believed that citizens of Aerandir have little to no knowledge that far above their heads exists a wide world under blue sky and warm sun. In fact to them, the vastness of the ocean above is likely akin to the vastness of the cosmos to those who walk the surface.

In recent years, a sailor washed up on the shores of Tolgatha making wild claims that he had been brought to Aerandir by a gargantuan many-tentacled creature of the sea, and had spent time in the court of the Queen of the Sea, the most beautiful woman he had ever set eyes upon. However, several days later the Captain of a merchant vessel claimed the sailor as one of his own, a deckhand who had been lost overboard one night on the high seas after consuming a week’s worth of his rum ration in a single sitting.