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Trainer Skills

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Trainer skills are a school of secondary skills that focus on a character’s ability to teach, train, and mentor others in various disciplines. These skills offer characters the ability to pass on their knowledge and shape the abilities of others, often turning a profit while doing so. They can train allies, companions, or apprentices in the use of specific equipment, the techniques required for a variety of primary skills, or even increase character stats through training. However, this often also requires patience, understanding, and a strong connection with the individuals being trained, particular for more advanced or complex techniques.

Much like occupational skills, many trainer skills afford a particular “Lifestyle” for a player character, that can carry its own benefits and risks. When used in a contractual manner GM discretion is required to determine what is reasonable and players may be asked to make some rolls on the Risk Tables.

Animal Trainer

Training animals is a difficult process and only someone who has an extreme affinity for animals is generally able to do so. It is a useful skill to have and can be quite a commodity as many people have uses for trained animals, some for good and some for evil. Animal Trainers are also skilled at breaking animals for the purposes of riding or acting as a combat mount. Once an animal has been tamed and trained it can be sold to anyone to use as they see fit . Many Animal Trainers often keep some or all of their trained animals, having a much higher capacity to control them than the average person. As the skill is refined the trainer can tame, break, and train larger and/or more threatening animals. Of course the animals must be located first. See Animal Training and Companions for details.

Combat Trainer

Combat trainers can train others in a variety of close combat oriented stats and are also sometimes referred to as Vigor or Fury Trainers.

Note: can never train someone’s stats higher than trainer’s own natural stat of that type. (i.e. Combat Trainer with a natural Stamina stat of 15 cannot train anyone to achieve Stamina higher than 15)