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Creature Sizes

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Creatures and characters in the Realm of Strife come in a vast assortment of sizes, from the diminutive Fairy to the colossol Progenitor Dragon, and everything in between.

For simplicity sake, the standard size of the majority of characters is based of the size of a human, given a size of medium. This is the base line from which all other creatures are measured, either as smaller or larger than the standard medium (Human) size.

Creature SizeSize ModifierSize TraitsPer Level Base HPHP Dice per LevelApproximate Combat SpaceTypical Height or Length (metric)Typical Height or Length (imperial)Common Examples
Micro-32non-combatant unless in swarmsStamina x 0swarmswarm<1cm<0.4 inchesMosquito Swarms
Fine-16non-combatant unless in swarmsStamina x 1/16swarmswarm1-10cm0.4-4.0 inchesScarab Swarms
Diminutive-8can form swarms or fight in packsStamina x 1/81d41-16 per 1×1 space10-25cm4-10 inchesRat, Fruit Bat, Fairy, Brownie
Tiny-4can fight in packsStamina x 1/41d61-4 per 1×1 space25-50cm10-20 inchesBoogerling, Hawk, Fox, Monkey, Domestic Cat
Small-2wear undersized armorStamina x 1/21d81-2 per 1×1 space0.5-1.0m1.6-3.3 feetHalfling, Gnome, Goblin, Kobold, Lynx, Dragon Hatchling
Medium0standard/regular sizeStamina x 1/21d101×11.0-2.0m3.3-6.6 feetHuman, Dwarf, Orc, Wolf, Leopard, Black Bear, Dragon Whelp
Large2wear oversized armorStamina x 1/21d121×1 (upright) or 1×2 (prone)2.0-4.0m6.6-13 feetMinotaur, Ogre, Centaur, Horse, Rhinocerous, Grizzly Bear, Lion, Warg, Dragon Wyrm
Huge4Crushing Blow 2, Toughness 1, Reach +1Stamina x 3/42d82×2 (upright) or 2×3 (prone)4.0-8.0m13-26 feetGiant, Elephant, Great White Shark, Drake, Elder Troll
Massive8Crushing Blow 4, Toughness 2, Reach +2Stamina x 12d10custom8.0-14m26-46 feetDragon, Tyrannosaurus, Ancient Troll
Gargantuan16Crushing Blow 8, Toughness 4, Reach +3Stamina x 1.52d12custom14-22m46-72 feetRegal Dragon, Sauropod, Kraken
Colossal32Crushing Blow 16, Toughness 8, Reach +4Stamina x 23d10custom22m+72+ feetTitan, Ancient Dragon

Note: 1 “space” is typically 1×1 inch or 1″ diameter on a tabletop, or 2m in real world measurements

Size Modifier

When taking creature sizes into account, it is typically the difference between creatures/characters that is important, resulting in a calculated Size Modifier that can be applied for various uses.

The size modifier is calculated as a difference between the target and creature/character that is attacking or casting against it:

Total Calculated Size Modifier = Target Size Modifier – Attacker Size Modifier


Massive Creature vs. Small PC = 8 – (-2)= +10

Small PC vs Massive Creature = (-2) – 8 = -10

The difference in Size Modifiers or Total Size Modifier is primarily used on two occasions:

Rolling to Hit a Target

When rolling to hit a target with any physical attack or LoS power, the chances to hit increase as the size of the target, relative to the attacker, increases. Where as if the target is smaller than the attacker, chances to hit decrease. In either case the total calculated difference in Size Modifiers is applied to the d100 hit/cast roll.

  • If target is larger than attacker: modifier is positive (easier to hit)
  • If target and attacker are the same size: size modifiers are irrelevant
  • If target is smaller than attacker: modifier is negative (harder to hit)

Rolling to Spot Hidden Targets

When rolling to spot a hidden target, (Perception vs. Avoidance Stat Roll-off), the chances to spot a target that is larger than the spotter are increased. Conversely, if the target is smaller than the spotter it is more difficult to spot it. In these cases, apply the total calculated difference in Size Modifiers to the spotters d12 Stat Roll-off value.

  • If target is larger than attacker: modifier is positive (easier to spot)
  • If target and attacker are the same size: size modifiers are irrelevant
  • If target is smaller than attacker: modifier is negative (harder to spot)

Effects of Size Difference on CC

Larger targets have innate defenses against certain types of CC (even if not stated in their Codex of Creation entry) based on how many sizes larger they are than their attacker:

Size DifferenceCommon matchupsExamplesAttacker treats target as…
1 size largerSmall vs. Medium
Medium vs. Large
Large vs. Huge

Halfling vs. Orc
Human vs. Ogre
Minotaur vs. Elephant

2 sizes larger Small vs. Large
Medium vs. Huge
Large vs. Massive
Halfling vs. Ogre
Human vs. Elephant
Minotaur vs. Tyrannosaurus
Immovable + Unyielding
3 sizes largerSmall vs. Huge
Medium vs. Massive
Large vs. Gargantuan
Halfing vs. Elephant
Human vs. Tyrannosaurus
Minotaur vs. Kraken

Immovable + Unyielding + Uncontrollable
4 sizes largerSmall vs. Massive
Medium vs. Gargantuan
Large vs. Colossal
Halfling vs. Tyrannosaurus
Human vs. Kraken
Minotaur vs. Ancient Dragon
5+ sizes largerSmall vs. Gargantuan
Medium vs. Colossal
Halfling vs. Kraken
Human vs. Ancient Dragon