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Primal Powers

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The Primal Faith Path represents faith in the natural world or the Substance of Creation. This is not necessarily just nature or wild things, but can also be the veneration of the tremendous forces at work in the physical world, or simply an embracing of the natural order of all life and creation throughout the universe. This often leads to the deification of extremely powerful beings or creatures of the natural world, which are sometimes referred to as demigods.

While demigods may grant some measure of their power to mortals, at its core, Primal faith is centered around harnessing the Substance of Creation to imbue oneself, or ones allies, with aspects of the natural world, and even going so far as to cause the physical form to change shape. Primal powers also can be used to ply the forces of nature, and call various beasts to fight by your side. Of all the Primal powers available, the most misunderstand is the mysterious art of Hemomancy, which uses the bodies’ lifeblood as a source of power to both aid the user and destroy his foes.

While prone to corruption by Demonic powers, Primal powers are conversely quite capable of overwhelming the Soul of Creation found in the mortal races of the Third Creation. While the Soul sets them apart from the rest of Creation, they still possess a primal and instinctual nature that harkens back to the Substance of Creation, as much a part of them as the Spirit or Soul. Primal powers are sometimes said to “bring the beast out of the man” and have an uncanny ability to overwhelm the soulish powers of the mind.

Primal Faith Passives

General Passive Effects

Anyone using Primal powers benefits from these passive effects:

Psionic Counter

  • All offensive Primal Powers receive +5% critical cast chance against any being of the Third Creation (i.e. Humanoids, Greenskins, Anthromorphs, Monsters) or those wielding Psionic powers or otherwise benefiting from them (including Craftings and Enchants)

Exclusive Passive Effects

Those choosing to EXCLUSIVELY follow the Primal Faith path have the following passive skills:

Primal Instinct

  • Any Primal power successfully cast on a target has a passive 5% per tier chance to cure, dispel, or otherwise remove one persistent Psionic based effect (NOT including Craftings and Enchants)

Primal Faith Disciplines

To Specialize in a particular Holy Faith Discipline requires the use of Secondary Skills, see Specialist Secondary Skills.

Natural Law

Natural Laws are Tier 0 powers that all Primal Faith classes have access to by default. They do not require Difficulty rolls and cannot critically cast or miscast. The Natural law Discipline cannot be selected as a specialization.

Primal Aspects

Single target, last for duration of battle, only one of each aspect per caster can be present in a party and only one aspect can be active on a target at a time (casting a higher Difficulty aspect will overwrite the existing aspect); cannot be dispelled/removed through conventional means unless caster is unconscious
Critical Cast: Aspects count as being 1 Tier higher than caster
Miscast: One Faith is consumed and the Aspect fails. No action power can be cast for the remainder of the turn.

Primal Forces

Evokes the primal forces found within the three planar domains (Arcane, Elemental, Natural) of the transcendent (axial) Material domain of the second creation. Typically single target unless otherwise specified. Use resistance matching the damage type (Arcane, Elemental, Natural) and/or specified by, the power.
Critical Cast: Double damage and/or healing effects. For non-damage/healing power for non-damage powers see individual descriptions.
Miscast: One Faith is consumed and the power fails. If it was an instant power, no action power can be cast for the remainder of the turn.


single target unless otherwise specified, roll vs natural resist (often must expend HP to use powers, doing so does not cause focus reductions)
Critical Cast: Double damage and/or healing effects; For non-damage/healing power for non-damage powers see individual descriptions.
Miscast: 5% of casters max HP is consumed (as physical damage) and the power fails. If it was an instant power, no action power can be cast for the remainder of the turn.

Shape Shifting

Self-cast, instant to shift into a shape shifted form, action to shift back to humanoid form, cannot shift from one shape shift form directly to another. Retain all normal stats but add those in description, attacks and special abilities as per humanoid forms
Critical Cast: The act of shapeshifting removes all negative spell effects, hexes, cursses, CC, or any other ongoing negative effects. Also, 2x resistance to dispelling
Miscast: Shapeshift still works, but the caster behaves as a wild animal of similar form. At the start of each subsequent turn they may attempt to pass a Wisdom or Faith test to regain control of themselves and their shapeshifted form.

Beast Calling

  • Beast Calling summons a single beast unless otherwise specified
  • Automatically counts as a failed Difficulty roll if attempting to call a beast that is not native to the habitat the caster is currently in. For a complete list of summonable beasts & habitats see: Codex of Creation – Beasts
  • Only one of each Class of Called Beasts may be controlled at a time, with the exception of a Critical Cast (i.e. cannot call another Protector if one is still active on battlefield, but could call an Ambusher)
  • Called beasts arrive at the start of the casters next turn and typically appear at table edge closest to caster, unless their natural habitat exists somewhere on the battlefield
  • GMs may disallow some or all Beast Callings if the environment does not lend itself to Beast calling (i.e. trying to call a Cave Boar when there are no natural caves nearby or calling a bird while in a windowless stone tower)
  • Called Beasts CANNOT under any circumstances be convinced to permanently remain with a caster, they are not meant to be permanent combat pets, companions, or mounts
  • If using more than one Class of beasts at a time, must pass a Faith test at the start of each turn (or each hour outside of combat) or they lose control of all but one Class of beasts (i.e. if controlling a Packhunter-Wolf and a Ambusher-Tiger at the same time and failing a Faith Test, the Wolf or Tiger would become hostile
  • Beasts that are out of the Beast Callers control will usually attempt to flee the battlefield as quickly as possible. In some special circumstances they may instead become hostile, treating anything not of the same species/class as enemies, following Basic Enemy Tactics. In these cases they must immediately roll their own Initiative Score and be placed in the appropriate position in the Turn Order.
  • If a Beast Caller has lost control of one or more beasts they may use an instant to take a Faith test, where passing brings one class of hostile called beasts back under their control
  • Called Beasts do NOT contribute to the XP of the party (unlike combat pets/companions/mounts), but are worth regular XP if slain after becoming hostile

Critical Cast: Calls two beasts of that type, both of which count towards the total difficulty of called beasts that the caster can control, instants pass their crit onto the action (but can’t cause a double crit).
Miscast: One Faith is consumed and the Aspect fails. No action power can be cast for the remainder of the turn. For the Beast Calling power, instead, calling still works and cannot be interrupted, however the called beast will be uncontrollable and either attack the closest target or flee the battlefield (depending on the aggressiveness of the beast).

Primal Faith Powers