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Third Creation

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The Third Creation represents beings of Spirit, Substance and Soul. Though in the Realm of Strife they have grown to become primarily beings of Substance. While all beings of the Third Creation are beings of Spirit some are more aware of the Spiritual powers than others, these are the Mages and other Spirit users among the Third Creation. However most beings of the Third Creation cannot wield Spirit powers at all.

Once, when the beings of the Third Creation still lived in the Realm of Eden, they were all one in the same. However when Creation was fractured so too was the Substance of the Third Creation, molded according to the variety of powers that influenced them most. This led to the creation of many races within the Third Creation, each with its own unique form and affinities.

After the Downfall, these beings can be categorized into three Orders. Higher Order begins of the Third Creation are those that have changed the least from their original form while lower Order beings of the Third Creation have been greatly effected by the downfall have experienced significant transformation of their physical form. Regardless of Order, all beings of the Third Creation possess a soul.

There is  a fourth Order of creatures from the Third Creation, whose form was altered at some point after the Downfall. This is most often a result of a prolific curse or magical experiment gone wrong. Regardless of how they were altered and what Order of the Third Creation they were prior to alteration, these creatures with cursed or tainted souls are labelled as Monsters.

NOTE: While playable races in the Realm of Strife are all comprised of races descended from the 3rd Creation, the listings here are for use as enemies not player characters. For Racial information for Player Characters see the Races page.