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Angels are the First Creation. Whatever came before them is beyond knowing, for they emerged when the Realm of Eternity was first formed bringing Order to what was only Chaos. The are the oldest and most benevolent beings in all creation and have long sought to shepherd and safe guard the rest of Creation. It is believed that the terrible wake of the Downfall, they were largely responsible for bringing the much of the Second and Third Creations to the relative safety of the Realm of Strife, at great person cost to their own kind. The Angels stand in direction opposition of the Demons and the Realm of Abomination, waging an endless war against them.

Like the Realm into which they were born, they are eternal and immortal beings. While their power is immense and their numbers nearly endless, they are limited when they leave their own Realm. To wage war against the demons and protect Creation they must wear a physical bodies. But in this state they are vulnerable and can be slain. Though their spirits can never die, they are instead reborn within the Realm of Eternity time and again. This causes a constant ebb and flow within their never ending conflict.

So long as the Realm of Eternity stands, the Angels will live forever and the war will continue. Ultimately it is the very laws of Order that prevent the Angels from securing final victory, for the only true end to an Angel would be to tarry within the Substance of Creation for too long, eventually losing all cohesion and ceasing to exist. As such the heavenly hosts must always eventually return home, no matter how successful the campaign.

Information on Angels and the Realm of Eternity is speculative at best. However, based on interactions from the rare times that Angels are seen in the Realm of Strife, some information has been gathered. The Codex of Creation separates Angels into several metagroups, based on the general aims of each, and listed from least powerful or significant to most:

Angels of Virtue

The Angels of Virtue are the most actively involved in the lives of the mortal, and as such there is a misconception that they must be the most numerous angelic race. Tasked with upholding the virtues of individual souls of the Third Creation, the Angels of Virtue subtly guide mortals from within the spirit realm of the First Creation. However, at times a more direct approach is required and they may temporarily take physical form to deliver messages of exhortation or even directly combat the forces of sin.

Angels of Virtue come in seven varieties or “species”, one for each of the seven holy virtues: Read more...

Puraphim – Angels of Purity

Teranim – Angels of Temperance

Charaphim – Angels of Charity

Dae’alim – Angels of Diligence

Meraphim – Angels of Mercy

Cosaphim – Angels of Compassion

Erelim – Angels of Courage

Angels of Creation

Eternally devoting themselves to the service and safe guarding of the Realms of Origin, the Angels of Creation often take physical form to venture forth from the Heavenly Realm of Eternity. These angels assist in holding together the now fragile structure of Creation, ever vigilant against any incursion of the evil plots of their demonic foes, who would seek to destroy the protective barriers that separate the various Realms of Origin. This task requires them to take on physical forms that can survive within the realms they safeguard, and as such provides a means for beings of divine order to enter chaotic realms such as the Furnace or the Void. As with any angel, they cannot hold these forms permanently and once a task is fulfilled they must return to the Eternal Realm.

Angels of Creation come in many varieties or “species”, each dedicated to a particular Realm of Origin: Read more...

Pyrophim – Angels of Fire

Hydrophim – Angels of Water

Geophim – Angels of Earth

Aerophim – Angels of Air

Arc’anim – Angels of Mana

Lumonim – Angels of Light

Shadophim – Dark Angels

Ecophim – Angels of Nature

Astrophim – Celestial Angels

Angels of Law

Dedicated to Order and Civilization, the Angels of Law work tirelessly to uphold the concepts known as the pillars of Creation, the cardinals laws that bring order to chaos. These laws permeate all of Creation, a divine gift into the hearts and lives of all mortals of the Third Creation. Angels of Law place their concern and care not on individuals, but on the survival and advancement of entire races and civilizations.

Angels of Law are found in distinct “species” for each pillar of Creation: Read more...

Halophim – Angels of Hope

Emunahim – Angels of Faith

Coraphim – Angels of Justice

Cherubim – Angels of Love

Angels of Eternity

Seldom ever leaving Heaven, the Angels of Eternity are charged with upholding and protecting the Eternal Kingdom of the First Creation. Though they are few in number, the six winged Angels of Eternity are immensely powerful and awe inspiring to behold.

Angels of Eternity are believed to exist in four varieties or “species”, in direct opposition to the four types of Apocalypse Demons: Read more...

Seraphim – Angels of Governance

Eirenim – Angels of Peace

Afthonim – Angels of Providence

Zoephim – Angels of Life

Angelic Ranks

Herald Heralds are the weakest of all Angels, both when taking physical form to interact with mortals, and in their spirit form in the Realm of Eternity. They avoid conflict at all costs, for they are simply not suited for it. Instead they serve to deliver messages throughout creation, bringing comfort, encouragement, and exhortation to the Realms of mortals.
Soldier The rank and file troops of the Angelic Hosts. Moderately powerful in their own right, they excel at making war upon the Demonic Legions, and live only to serve. The Majority of Angels fall into this rank.
Champion Anchoring the battle lines of the Heavenly hosts, Angelic Champions are powerful beings that never shy away from a fight. Instead they seek out the strongest and most vile demons and seek to put an end to their evil.
Archangel The leaders and commanders of the Heavenly Hosts. They carry the authority of the Divine and enforce the will of the Deity they serve.
Guardian Angel Guardian Angels are a very specific rank of Angel who are pledged to the life and serve of a single soul of the Third Creation at its birth. Though they are generally less powerful than other angels, they are utterly committed to their duties and have been known to take physical form to intervene on behalf of their charge. A guardian angel would willingly sacrifice its life to protect the soul entrusted to its care. This is a dangerous prospect however, as doing so would leave that soul unprotected from future threats until a new Guardian Angel can takes its place.
Deity The Divine being or beings responsible for the Creation. Known by many names depending on the cultural context. Sometimes referred to as gods or goddesses, the Creator, the One God, or many other names. From a monotheistic perspective, the Deity rules over the Realm of Eternity in its entirely. From a polytheistic perspective, Deities rule over specific regions, domains, dimensions, or other such perceptions of the spirit realm. Having brought order to chaos, before time and creation had even begun, their power is boundless and far beyond the scope of the Codex of Creation.

Angelic Powers

Angels have access to Angelic powers that are beyond the reach of mere mortals. These powers are used only to benefit or assist the rest of Creation. Angelic Powers are treated as a Faith power, but  do not require Faith Difficulty rolls and can instead can be used an unlimited # of times so long as the angel is using the power to assist or benefit mortal creation in some way (effectively non self-cast). Angelic Powers are treated similar to Holy Faith powers (in terms of hit, crit, resist, etc…) but can only be used by true angels. See individual entries for each type and class of angel to see which powers from this list they have access to.

Angelic Powers table coming soon…