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Leonen is a densely populated human kingdom made up of seven provinces, each ruled by a Duke or Duchess, but all owing fealty to the King of Leonen. The nation has seen much political turmoil throughout its history due to a vast assortment of scheming nobles but stands strong despite itself. While predominately human, there are many other races that make their home in Leonen and are welcomed as citizens.

In Leonen, the use of the spiritual powers of magic was strictly outlawed over two centuries ago when a corrupt Archmage attempted to overthrow the King in a event known as the Mage Rebellion. The rebels took over the capital and forced the King to retreat to his ancestral keep up in the mountains. The Royal line of House Videaus was nearly extinguished during the siege of Higholm. However, a splinter group within the rebellion came to realize that the Archmage was lying to his followers and had his own selfish power hungry agenda. At a key moment, this group turned on the rebel forces and aided the King, leading to the defeat of the Archmage and the eventual quelling of the rebellion. Despite their assistance, the King sought vengeance against all practitioners of the spiritual arts, and to this day, if discovered, they are offered two choices: exile or death. Most choose exile.

Current Ruler: King Rhoman IV of House Videaus


Each of the seven provinces of Leonen are ruled by a provincial Duke or Duchess, whose power and authority within that province is second only to the King of Leonen. However, in the royal court each Duke or Duchess is not of equal standing, as some provinces are held in higher regard than other. The provinces, and thus their ruler, are listed below in order of the relative power they hold within Leonen. This is measured by a combination of political relevancy, military might, religious authority, and wealth.


Asclendia is home to Leonenburg, the largest and most heavily fortified city in Leonen , which serves as both the capital city of the Kingdom of Leonen, as well as the provincial capital of Asclendia. From the capital the King of Leonen rules all seven provinces, but also acts of the ruler of the province of Asclendia. The King of Leonen historically carries the hereditary title of Duke of Asclendia, though from an administrative standpoint the King is often otherwise occupied with the rulership of the entire kingdom, and Asclendia is often been ruled by a majordomo of the King. The province itself is a fertile land of farms and ranches, with towering mountains in the north that serve to protect the capital on three sides. It is no mystery why the ancient kings of Leonen chose Asclendia for their seat of power, for it is said that without the bountiful harvests of Asclendia, Leonen would surely starve.

Current Duke: King Rhoman IV of House Videaus
Current Majordomo: Prince Londron of House Videaus (younger brother to the King)


Vangardia is second only to Asclendia in power, due to its military might and the economic powerhouse of its fortified port capital of Havengard. Tasked with maintaining and defending Greatbridge, Vangardia loyally serves as the protector of the western borders of Leonen and is the birth place of the Royal Order of Archons. Vangardia has been ruled for many generations by the powerful House Archonis, who are the greatest patrons and supporters of the Archons, offering all their sons to the order’s service, save the eldest son who is the hereditary Duke. This cements Vangardia’s status by combining the political influence of the Duke with the military and religious might of the Archons, all under control of Vangardia’s greatest noble house. House Archonis maintains its seat of power, a sprawling keep and estate lands, within the walls of the Havengard.

Current Duke: Duke Relegar of House Archonis


Current Duke: Duke Athred of House Burgen


Current Duke: Duke Ulbricht of House Hightree


Current Duke: Duchess Helena of House Gildea


Current Duke: Duke Morden of House Tildmere


Current Duke: Duke Obester of House Salivar