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Leonen is a densely populated human kingdom made up of seven provinces, each ruled by a Duke or Duchess, but all owing fealty to the King of Leonen. The nation has seen much political turmoil throughout its history due to a vast assortment of scheming nobles but stands strong despite itself. While predominately human, there are many other races that make their home in Leonen and are welcomed as citizens.

In Leonen, the use of the spiritual powers of magic was strictly outlawed over two centuries ago when a corrupt Archmage attempted to overthrow the King in a event known as the Mage Rebellion. To this day, if discovered, practitioners of the spiritual arts are offered two choices: exile or death. Most choose exile.

Current Ruler: King Rhoman IV of House Videaus



The provinces are listed below, in order of the relative power they hold within Leonen, measured by a combination of political relevancy, military might, religious authority, and wealth.


The seven provinces of Leonen are ruled by a single King, from the capital city of Leonenburg, located in the province of Asclendia. The King of Leonen also historically carried the hereditary title of Duke of Asclendia.

Current Duke: King Rhoman IV of House Videaus


Current Duke: Duke Relegar of House Archonis


Current Duke: Duke Athred of House Burgen


Current Duke: Duke Ulbricht of House Hightree


Current Duke: Duchess Helena of House Gildea


Current Duke: Duke Morden of House Tildmere


Current Duke: Duke Obester of House Salivar