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Water Magic

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School of Magic Water
Domain Elemental
Polarity Order
Realm of Origin The Realm of Stillness
Associated Colors Blue, Turquoise, Cyan, White
Associated Materials Sapphire, Coral
Crafting/Enchanting Material Everice
School of Powers Water
Academic Name Hydromancy
Traditional Name Lore of Sea
School of Powers, Volatile Frost
Academic Name Cryomancy
Traditional Name Lore of Winter

Water Magic in the Realm of Strife is the manifestation of the spiritual energy of the Realm of Stillness. Water magic innately seeks order, flowing through and around the turbulent nature of creation, to find the calmest and most stable of paths. This grants properties of aiding and healing that are far above the capacity of most other magics and as such Water Powers are often associated with peace and tranquility. However this should not be confused as weakness. If required Water Powers are quite capable of exerting immense forces, drawing on a depth of power that mortals cannot truly fathom.

If Water Magic has a weakness, it is found in how fiercely it seeks order, for stillness and calmness are the ultimate forms of order. When water becomes truly still it ceases to move all together and becomes ice. While Frost Powers are the result of Water Powers achieving perfect stillness, they carry with them a volatility that cannot be ignored. Frost powers sap the energy and life out of their surroundings, all the while expanding in razor sharp crystalline structures that are as beautiful as they are deadly. The volatile endothermic energy of Frost powers should never be handled lightly for it carries with it the ability to end all life itself in its mindless drive towards perfect order and stillness.

Passive Effects

Passive Effects for Water Magic are unique to each School of Powers:

Water Power Passives

Applies to Water powers only NOT Frost Powers

Water Damage

  • All direct damage caused by Water Powers is treated as magical damage that uses Elemental Resistance and inflicts Impact or Crushing Injuries

Water Pressure

  • After casting 4 Water powers in a row, the next water power cast has the casters choice of EITHER reducing the spirit cost by 20 (effectively making any power that costs 20 or less free) OR gaining +15% Critical Cast chance. The Water Pressure effect is then consumed.

Frost Power Passives

Volatile Powers

  • All Frost Powers are considered Volatile Powers

Deep Cold

The continued use of volatile frost powers puts the caster into a state of Deep Cold, increasing the chances of both miscasts and critical casts. Remaining in this state too long will cause the caster to freeze solid.

  • When 4 or more stacks of Volatile Frost energy are present on the caster, gain +15% to BOTH Critical Cast & Miscast
  • Upon reaching 8 stacks, the caster is frozen, and remains so for 2 rounds (unless dispelled or shattered)

Water & Frost Power List

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