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The mount system has been greatly impacted by the addition of creature sizes, many of the rules below may be invalid or require attention. Please be patient as we attempt to rework this system.

Standard Mounts

Standard mounts are any mount that is one size larger than its rider. The classic example of this is a Human (medium) riding a Horse (large), however this could also be a Goblin (small) riding a Wolf (medium.

Standard Mounts can be ridden into combat, provided the rider has a Riding Skill equal to or greater than the number listed below each corresponding race:
Note: Pack animals such as donkeys, mules, oxen, etc… cannot be ridden in combat and generally can’t wear saddles or armor (except for pack saddles)
Centaurs and Kayden cannot ride mounts of any kind

Special Mounts

All special mounts require a minimum of lvl4 Riding Skill, and in some cases, the mounts permission (i.e. Dragonkin)
-Massive (i.e. Elephant, Stegadon)
-Dragonkin (i.e. Wyrm, Drake, Dragon)

Rules for Standard Mount Types

  • All mounts suffer -1 movement while being ridden unless otherwise specified
  • Domestic horses suffer -1 movement without at least Iron Horseshoes
  • Rider & mount are separate targets, however if a rider passes an initiative test they can change the intended target (i.e. rider to mount or vice versa)
  • If rider or mount is victim of a critical hit or in their own turn critically miss they are automatically dismounted
  • Mounting in combat is considered an action and requires a successful initiative test, dismounting requires no test and is only an instant
  • If dismounted due to a critical miss you spend one turn recovering, as normal, and may remount as an action on the next turn
  • If the rider critically missed the mount may still take their turn and vice versa
  • Mounts max carrying capacity (not including small items on saddle) is Strength x 2
  • Mounts without saddles have -5 to remount in combat & must take initiative test whenever moving greater than 4″, fail = fall off mount

Mount Leveling

Mounts gain levels using the same experience curve as player characters but are created at the base level specified in the Codex of Creation.

For additional details on mount level ups see: the Codex of Creation – Level Ups