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Creature Sizes officially rolled out

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Creature Sizes officially rolled out

While they may have been lurking in the background for a while now, Creature Sizes have officially been implemented. This includes a know new rule set for dealing with creatures that are either larger or smaller than you.

One of the highlights is a system of immunity to crowd control effects, based on how much larger a target is than its attacker, that is sure to make large creatures feel as threatening as they should.

See the brand new Creature Sizes page for more info.

To celebrate the release of the new creature size rules, the Behemoth Secondary Skill has been reworked with some exciting new effects that tie directly into the Creature Size rules.

Note: the redesign of Behemoth mimicked certain components of the Juggernaut Secondary Skill, and upon review, the Juggernaut skill has also been updated.

Other systems that are effected by the new Creature Size rules may still need additional updates (i.e. Mounts), so if you notice anything out of place please let us know.


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