Brute Skills


The most dependable weapon is one’s own fists and those that have spent a great deal of time of fighting with them can strike with devastating effect. Beware insulting a brawler as it will likely end with you unconscious.

Rank1 – Receives an extra attack each round in Bar Fights, and +1 damage per 5 lvls for unarmed/fist/kick attacks each round in staged combats. Also gain up to +10% income for prize fights, where applicable.
Rank2 – Receives a 1d4 damage off hand attack that can be used each round when not attacking with a regular off hand weapon. This damage can be upgraded by equipping a fist weapon. Also gain up to +15% income for prize fights, where applicable.
Rank3 – Can elect to use a Bar Fighting type attack in normal combat to incapacitate his foes. This can only be used on living humanoid opponents of roughly human size. (ie. Goblins, Elves, Orcs but not Ogres, Dragons, Bears, Skeletal Warriors) Incapacitated foes have their hit points set to zero. The attack will fail to incapacitate if the foe’s hit points are greater than the brawler’s strength at the time of the attack. In cases where the attack hits but there is not sufficient strength to incapacitate, the attack does 1d6 damage. Incapacitated targets will revive if damaged further. Also gain up to +25% income for prize fights, where applicable.


Being big has its advantages…
A character must have strength and stamina of 13 or higher in order to take this skill (cannot be taken by Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, or Halfling)
Mutually Exclusive with Juggernaut – cannot have both

Rank1 – Do not suffer movement penalties when wearing Tripple Layer armor, however you cannot ride any kind of mount (except Rhino or Wyvern), you’re just too damn big.
Rank2 – When you are knocked unconscious roll a scatter dice to see which direction you fall. Anyone in base contact in that direction must pass a dodge test or take 2d6 damage and be trapped under your massive bulk until passing a strength test
Rank3 – Requires 2 Skill Points. Gain a passive 10% damage reduction ability against all pure physical damage.

Drunken Master

The Drunken Master is able to not only drink almost anyone under the table they also can harness the booze to increase their potency in battle. However they often become dependent on the booze and are weaker without it. See Alcohol for more info.

Rank1 – All effects of degree 6 or less drunkenness are ignored with the exception of the Stamina bonuses. The stamina bonuses also confer an equivalent HP bonus.
Rank2 – +1 melee damage for each degree of drunkenness, but do not roll the 1d4 for recovery when checking to see if you are hung over the next day
Rank3 – You may always take an additional turn during your enemy’s turn, in initiative order, but permanently suffer -3 to all stats while not drunk


Intimidation can be a very powerful tool both on and off the battlefield. While anyone can threaten violence, when these brutes do it, people believe them.

Rank1 – Reduce a targets Resolve stat by 5 when using threats to gain information from unwilling informants
Rank2 – Opponents suffer -5 to hit w/ melee when they are the alone in base contact with you
Rank3 – Adept at all the latest and cruelest methods of torture, reduce a targets Resolve by 10 when using torture to gain information from unwilling informants
Rank4 – You are now considered Fearsome in combat (unless specifically stating that you do not wish to be)


Whether naturally built large or trained to be so, these brutes are capable of amazing feats of strength. A character must have strength 13 or higher in order to take this skill.
Mutually Exclusive with Paired Weapon Combat Specialization – cannot have both

Rank1 – Adds +1 to the characters Strength stat permanently, up to a maximum of 20
Rank2 – +2 damage while in close combat
Rank3 – Allows the character to use a two handed melee weapon in one hand. Even with Strongman you cannot use one 2 handed weapon in each hand however, regardless of being used in tandem the Dual Wield skill; even the strong have their limitations. However you could use a two handed weapon in your main hand and a one handed weapon in your offhand so long as the off hand weapon is smaller than the main hand weapon. If a weapon lists damage for 1 handed use and 2 handed use separately, it is still considered a 2 handed weapon if dealing 2 handed damage.


The Juggernaut is one who has learned that while being heavily armored may make it difficult to perform agile maneuvers on the battlefield, it also makes them neigh unstoppable when charging headlong into the fray. Those that attempt to stand in the Juggernauts way are crushed beneath the bulk of his armor and anyone foolish enough to attempt to knock the Juggernaut off his feet find that they would have better luck knocking down a mountain. The more armor they wear the more unstoppable a Juggernaut becomes.
A character must have strength and stamina of 13 or higher in order to take this skill. Juggernaut effects do not apply while mounted
NOTE: enchants/craftings or other effects which grant extra AC do not count towards Juggernaut effects unless they specifically boost armor
Mutually Exclusive with Behemoth – cannot have both

Rank1 – When moving at least more than 2″ into base contact gain a chance to cause a knock down effect based on how much armor you have
Rank2 – Gain a passive trample effect that scales up based on how much armor you have
Rank3 – Gain additional resistance to knock down effects and reduce the magnitude of knock back effects by a percentage that scales based on how much armor you wear; if a knock down effect does not have a percentage listed assume it is 100% and then reduce accordingly

40-54 Armor 55-69 Armor 70-84 Armor 85+ Armor
Rank 1 25% knock down 50% knock down 75% knock down 100% knock down
Rank 2 1d6 trample 2d6 trample 3d6 trample 4d6 trample
Rank 3 25% reduction 50% reduction 75% reduction 100% reduction


The bellowing roar of a combatant can strike fear into the hearts of his enemy or inspire his comrades to feats of great courage. Whatever the effect, those that master the Warcry will excel on the battlefield. The use of any Warcry ability automatically grants the user 1 Fury per Rank (if applicable).
NOTE: One use/day/skill lvl, counts an instant and applies the effects of the current skill Rank and all those under it when used.

Rank1– All friendlies w/in hearing range (including self) gain +5 hit & +1 damage (melee only) for 1 round
Rank2 – Pick a single living enemy w/in 8” (no more than twice your size), roll 1d4:
1 = nothing, 2 = -5 hit on next melee attack, 3 = misses 1 turn, 4 = moves directly away
Rank3 – All friendlies w/in hearing range (including self) gain +1 movement & +5% melee Crit for 1 round


Although most people try to avoid violence and bloodshed, some actually prefer it. The Warmonger loves the excitement of battle and gets a rush from spilling the blood of his opponents. They are the first to rush into battle, often getting ahead of their comrades, and make ferocious opponents.

Rank1 – Can add +2 to their normal move if the move will bring them into base contact with an enemy (applies to straight-line moves only).
Rank2 – Receive +2 damage in the first round if it was a considered a Charge; moving out and then back into combat with the same enemy negates any bonuses
Rank3 – If the Warmonger’s move into base contact counts as a Charge, there is a 20% chance of knocking the opponent down, in addition to the above bonus.