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Heraldry (Enchant)

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The ‘of Heraldry’ Enchant is purely cosmetic unless used by an honor class where it becomes a spirit damage reduction enchant.

It takes the form of a standard Heraldic symbol painted onto a shield or armor piece with Enchanted Ink, that negates 2 damage per code currently stacked, where the damage negation is against the same source as the Enchanted Ink. I.e. If you used Enchanted Fire Ink it would negate fire damage. The scaling of Minor, Improved, Greater, Superior, and Matchless allows you to incorporate another type of ink into the Heraldic symbol. So an ‘of Matchless Heraldry’ enchant could negate damage from 5 different spirit sources. This does NOT allow you to double up on ink types (i.e. Improved Heraldry done with two doses of enchanted fire ink would NOT grant double the fire damage reduction).

The materials required for the enchant are based on the type of ink used and the size of the item being enchanted. Assume a Greater Heraldry enchant applied to a Heater Shield as an example:

The ‘of Greater Heraldry’ enchant allows for 3 different inks to be used in the heraldic symbol; assume Enchanted Fire (Red), Light (Gold), and Celestial (Silver) inks are selected.
This enchant negates 2 fire, light and celestial damage per code currently stacked.
The cost would be 9 elemental essences (for fire ink), 9 arcane essences (for light ink), 9 natural essences (for celestial ink) PLUS 1 fire ink, 1 light ink, and 1 celestial ink.