Armor Types & Styles

Armor is generically grouped by four types, each with several styles within that type.

Type Style Description
Cloth Cloth standard cloth
Quilted layered cloth stuffed with other materials
Ironweave metallic filaments woven into cloth, too abrasive to layer, very expensive to manufacture
Leather Leather standard leather created from tanning animal hide
Ringmail metallic rings sewn onto a leather foundation
Studded metallic studs riveted into a leather foundation
Splinted long vertical strips of rigid material attached to a backing, mostly for limbs
Boiled thick leather boiled in water, molded into larger plates to fit as needed
Mail Scalemail overlapping rigid scales laced onto a backing (can be made from Dragon Scales)
Chainmail small metal rings linked together in a mesh, usually worn under plate armor
Lamellar small rigid plates laced together; flexible but expensive to manufacture
Platemail light metal plates held together by chainmail, provides exceptional coverage but is expensive to manufacture

(note: Plate armor does not allow for a ‘back’ slot)

Plate heavy plates or discs made from a single piece of metal and either slung or strapped into place
Brigandine Cloth or leather lined with small plates riveted into the fabric, expensive to manufacture but grants improved flexibility/mobility
Laminar Cloth or leather lined with small plates riveted into the fabric horizontal bands or overlapping rows of rigid plate, stiff but reliable
Full-plate Large rigid plates, formed to various parts of the body, with hinges and joints to provide as much coverage as possible

Cloth armor is produced by Tailors
Leather armor is produced by Leatherworkers
Mail and Plate is produced by Armorsmiths

Armor Glossary

Noisy disturbs or conflicts with some class mechanics; -1 to hit & -1 crit% (per piece) with Focus, Spirit, Faith; reduces Stealth by 3 per piece & moving while hidden increases your chances of detection (+1 to opponents Perception per piece), stacks if layering
Stiff reduces agility & dodge and any associated bonuses (-1 each per piece), stacks if layering
Double Layer Top over Base or Mid over Base only, (Top over Mid not allowed); reduces chance to hit and crit with physical attacks (-1 per slot where a double layer exists)
Triple Layer Top with Mid over base; reduces movement & chance to hit and crit% with physical attacks (-0.5 move & -2 hit/crit% per slot where a triple layer exists); stacks with penalties from Double Layer; Dwarves are exempt from the movement penalty from the “Stocky” racial passive
Base Layer Can be worn on its own or underneath Mid and/or Top layers
Mid Layer Cab be worn on its own, over a Base Layer and/or under a Top Layer
Top Layer Can be worn on its own or over a Base Layer OR a Base-Mid Layer, CANNOT be worn as Mid-Top without a Base Layer
Layer nomenclature Top w/ Mid over Base (i.e. Plate w/chain over quilted); Top over Base (I.e. Lamellar over Cloth); Mid over Base (i.e. Chain over Quilted)


  • when layering armor, Craftings and Enchants only apply on the top most layer, any layers below are ignored
  • If wearing armor that the PC has not been trained in (known as Armor Proficiency): Each piece of untrained armor suffers -1 armor value and counts as both Noisy and Stiff, stacking with any other pre existing Stiff or Noisy penalties.

Armor by Slot

There are eight standard armor slots that a character can equip armor in.


  • Characters suffer -10 initiative if the Leg Slot is not filled (with the exception of racial passive: Half-horse)
  • Centaurs cannot use conventional leg armor but instead use mount chest armor in their leg slot, see Mount Armor
  • Leg armor can be layered


  • Torso armor can be layered


  • Chest armor can be layered


  • Characters suffer -1 movement if the Foot Slot is not filled (with the exception of racial passive: Thick Footed)
  • Centaurs, Minotaurs and Kayden cannot use conventional foot armor but use mount leg armor in foot slot, see Mount Armor for details
  • Foot armor can be layered


  • Characters will drop their weapons if they critically miss with them while the Hand Slot is not filled (treat as disarmed)
  • Hand armor can be layered


  • Arm armor can be layered


  • Head armor can be layered


  • Kayden cannot wear back armor, but gain a passive +3 armor with feathers, see Flight for details
  • Centaurs cannot use conventional back armor but use mount shoulder armor in back slot, see Mount Armor for details
  • Back armor is generically identified as a cape, however could take the form of a cloak, jerkin/vest, coat/jacket, overcoat, robe, or any similar item. More details on these variants may be added in a future update
  • Back armor cannot be layered

Default Armor List

  • Default armor pieces are intended to be as generic as possible, but are open to some variation for players that wish to have a specific ‘look’ for their character (i.e. a Ironweave Cape could be identified interchangeably with a Ironweave Robe, or a Leather Cap could be a Leather Captain’s Hat, etc…). A variant armor system may be added in a future update.
  • Prices listed are buying prices for normal market conditions
  • Sell price is 10% of buying price under normal market conditions
  • add 10% for ‘Large Race’ armor (i.e. Centaurs, Minotaurs, Ogres)
  • subtract 10% for ‘Small Race’ armor (i.e. Halflings, Gnomes, Goblins)
  • prices are listed as GP.SP (where 10 SP = 1 GP)