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My Word is My Oath

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This is the Class Passive for Knights

The Knight’s Class Passive is called ‘My Word is my Oath’, and as a full Honor class this passive is tied to the use of Honor Code Stacks and the ability to use more Oaths and Virtues than other Honor classes. To a Knight even their simple words are the very same as taking an oath and therefore they can use their deep sense of honor to pre-pare code stacks prior to combat and activate additional Oaths and/or Virtues. This allows the Knight class to not only bring more code abilities to bear earlier in a battle, but also to use their passive Oaths and Virtues to buff themselve and their allies, potentially turning the tide of combat even in the face of insurmountable odds.

My Word is my Oath: Knights begin each battle with a number of codes (of their choice) pre-stacked, equal to their current honor divided by 2 and also additional oaths or virtues activated as follows: Level 1-5 = 1 extra, Level 6-10 = 2 extra, Level 11-20 = 3 extra
As an example, a Knight with Honor 6, could potentially pre-stack 2 stacks of Chivalry, and 1 Stack of Leader of Men.
They could also enter battle with Virtue of Courage, Oath of Valor, and Virtue of Justice all activated.