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Militant Faith

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This is the Class Passive for Zealots

The Zealot’s Class Passive is called Militant Faith, representing the militant nature of their beliefs and stitching together the Faith and Fury mechanics. Militant Faith allows Zealots to heal or otherwise aid their party members using their Faith powers without sacrificing their damage potential by crippling Fury generation. Zealots perform best when alternating between Faith powers and Fury fueled melee attacks. If using Faith instants to aid allies and then dealing damage with each action, the Zealot can effectively realize both portions of the Passive every round, making them highly effective with both mechanics. Additionally, Zealots are often quite adept at offensive casting and benefit from reduced difficulties for these powers. Zealots revel in inflicting pain against those whom they deem deserving, further fueling their Fury.

Militant Faith: If Zealots use a faith-based ability to benefit a party member they gain +1 fury (+2 for a critical heal). They also gain +1 to their next difficulty roll if they caused physical damage in their previous turn. Any direct-target offensive power has -1 difficulty, regardless of any other portion of the Militant Faith passive, and generates +1 Fury if it inflicts damage (+2 if it critically hits)
As an example, on his first turn a Zealot casts Heavenly Shield on an ally as an instant (gaining 1 Fury) and then casts Minor Heal on another ally, scoring a critical Heal (gaining 2 Fury). The Zealot therefore ends his turn with 3 Fury total. On his next turn he moves into base contact with a foe, consumes the 3 fury to activate Berserker Strike. Assuming the Zealot successfully rolls to hit and then inflicts damage with the Berserker Strike, on his third turn he will have +1 to the first Difficulty roll he needs to take to cast another Faith power. If that power is a direct