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This is the Class Passive for Barbarians

The Barbarian’s Class Passive is called Hulk and represents the above average size of most Barbarians, part of what makes them such fearsome opponents. As a full fury class this passive not only provides the Barbarian with a typically larger HP max than other fury classes (ideal when relying on taking damage to gain fury) but also allows the Barbarian to generate fury quicker when inflicting damage on others. Being a so called ‘Hulk’ makes the Barbarian class peerless in its ability to generate fury, allowing them to use more fury skills than other fury classes and thereby to maximize damage output.

Hulk: Each time the Barbarian levels up, they can choose to re-roll a HP dice and then select the higher of the two rolls. They also gain +1 fury each time they cause damage, therefore:
1H weapon grants +2 fury
2H weapon grants +4 fury
1H weapon (crit) grants +3 fury
2H weapon (crit) grants +6 fury
(Killing blows and fury gains from taking damage are not affected)