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Light Magic

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School of MagicLight
Polarity Order
OriginsRealm of Dawn
Associated Colors Gold, White
Associated Materials Gold, Diamond, Glass
Crafting/Enchanting MaterialPrismatic Glass
School of PowersLight
Academic NameLumomancy
Traditional NameLore of Day
School of Powers, VolatileSolar
Academic NameSolarmancy
Traditional NameLore of Sun

Lore coming soon…

Passive Effects

Passive Effects for Light Magic are unique to each School of Powers:

Light Power Passives

Applies to Light Powers only NOT Solar Powers


  • Any time a Light Power is cast it illuminates a 6″ radius around any target effected for 1 full round
  • For Light Powers that include a projectile measure a 6″ radius along its entire path
  • Any hidden target within this radius must pass an Avoidance test or become “Spotted” by anyone with LoS

Solar Power Passives

Volatile Powers

  • All Solar Powers are considered Volatile Powers

Solar Mass

  • Accumulate one stack of Solar Mass each time a Solar power is cast
  • For each stack there is a 20% chance to blind anyone (friend or foe) that targets caster with any LoS or melee power, skill, or attack
  • Upon reaching 5 stacks the next Solar power cast has a flat modifiable 50% Critical Cast and 50% Critical Fail chance

Light & Solar Power List

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