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Common Magic

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School of MagicCommon
Polarity Balance
OriginsThe Realm of Wonders
Associated Colors Purple, Violet, Amethyst
Associated Materials Amethyst, Unicorn Horn
Crafting/Enchainting MaterialManastone
School of PowersMana
Academic NameArcanamancy
Traditional NameLore of Wonder
School of Powers, VolatileNull
Academic NameAntimancy
Traditional NameLore of Nullification

Lore coming soon…

Passive Effects

Passive Effects for Common Magic are unique to each School of Powers:

Mana Power Passives

Applies to Manna powers only NOT Null Powers

Arcane Capacitance

  • All Tier2 and higher powers add a stack of Arcane Capacitance when successfully cast
  • The stack can be consumed (as an instant) at any time to add +1dam/+2hit per stack to the next power

Null Power Passives

Volatile Powers

  • All Null Powers are considered Volatile Powers

Null Passive

  • coming soon…

Mana & Null Power List

See Spirit Disciplines & Archetypes for detailed descriptions of each Discipline and Archetype (including its Critical Cast and Critical Failure results). Use the filters below to refine your search.