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Artistic Skills


Witty rhymes, catchy tunes, soul stirring monologues, and sensual moves. These are the weapons of the Performer. Skill in these arts will keep the money flowing and can keep people spell bound. Those exceptionally skilled in their craft have even been known soothe the wounded and restore health to the battle weary.

Performers must select a single specific skill such as a Singer, Dancer, Actor or Musician. Performers may use their skills only once/day (includes using their healing powers once per day and their charming powers)

Rank1 – See chart below. Can perform one of these skills at a basic level
Rank2 – See chart below. Have reached the skill level to ease the mind and calm the nerves. (Heals 1d6 HP and removes 1 Stack of Exhaustion for all who see or hear the performance.) Also receive +4 Advantage when attempting to charm humanoids. Targets charmed in this manner will remain inactive so long as the performance continues; any damage will break the spell however.
Rank3 – See chart below. People everywhere have heard of your great skill and you are welcome in most towns and cities. Healing is increase to 1d10+2 HP. May also charm animals at +4 Advantage.

Required Rank Location/Audience Income per Performance Max Perf. per Week Risk Rolls
1 Small Travelers Camp, Farm House, etc… 1d4 SP 7 1
1 Trade Caravan, Small Settlement/Hamlet, etc… 1d6 SP 6 1
2 Village, Small Wedding/Feast, etc… 1d10+1 SP 5 2
2 Town, Noble Household, Army Camp, etc… 3d8 SP 4 2
3 City, Noble/Rulers Court, etc… 1d6 GP 3 3
3 Capital, Large City, Noble Wedding, etc… 2d6 GP 2 3

*often not possible to perform maximum # of times each week, GM discretion
must take Risk Rolls after each performance, see Risk Tables


The art of negotiation, or at least getting a good deal. Anyone can (and probably should) try to haggle when buying armor, weapons, and others goods, but the Haggler skill helps you excel at it and gets you better pricing, more consistently than your average adventurer. This skill can also be handy when bartering for information, a plus when your not a big intimidating brute.

Rank1 – Gain +2 Advantage on Charm tests made when haggling or negotiating for better deals when buying, selling or bartering for goods and services. Typically no more than 10% better deals without losing advantage.
Rank2 – Increase to +4 Advantage. Typically no more than 15% better deals without losing advantage. Can also talk people into giving you information without them even knowing they have betrayed the information.
Rank3 – Increase to +6 Advantage. Typically no more than 25% better deals without losing advantage.

Extra – Going after really aggressive discounts can cause adverse consequences even if they are technical successful.


Characters with this skill are able to move in ways that seem almost impossible to the average person. It takes much training but these agile characters can far out do there comrades in feats of Agility. As such a character must have an Agility score of 13 or higher to become an Acrobat.

Rank1 – Receives +1 Advantage on all Agility stat rolls. Also allows the Acrobat to jump twice as far or twice as high as he would normally would be permitted and receive +2 Advantage for Agility stat rolls specific to jumping. Receive +4 Advantage for Agility stat rolls specific to climbing.
Rank2 – Receives +1 Avoidance, permanently (can’t be higher than a natural 20)
Rank3 – Receives +1 Movement, permanently (foot speed, does not apply when mounted or flying)

Martial Arts

Form of unarmed fighting handed down generation after generations. Developed by some families as a form of defense, also used as a weapon by rivaling families, martial arts can be an advantage in defending or attacking. Martial Arts also discipline the mind to do many strange and explainable things.

Rank1 – Swift Dodge: once/battle (can elect to use dodge x 5 instead of AC for 1 round of combat)
Rank2 to 6 – Awarded one Focus skill point, per martial Arts Rank beyond 1, to spend on unarmed, kick, or defense abilities only. If not a focus class the abilities may still be used however there is no focus roll (i.e. just apply the regular damage plus the effect) and limit use to once per battle per skill point (even if it is a passive “always available” skill). Max Rank 3 on any one ability.

Trick Rider

Those that are particularly adept at riding can utilize their mount to maximum effect, performing attacks and maneuvers from horse back (or whatever other back they are riding on) that amaze and confound opponents in combat. However this is a skill that relies heavily on the rider’s agility and as such a minimum Agility of 13 is required to take this skill. The Trick Rider skill works in tandem with the Riding Skill, you cannot use any bonus or ability from Tricker Rider if you are not capable of riding your mount into combat.
Note: Centaurs cannot take Trick Rider

Rank1 – this secondary skill is currently being reworked…
Rank2 –
Rank3 –
Rank4 –

Ladies Man & Femme Fatale

If looks could kill you’d be a mass murderer, but instead you just seem to always get your way with the opposite sex. This makes you extremely dangerous in the right circumstances. A character must have Charm 13 or higher in order to take this skill.

Rank1 – Adds +1 to the characters Charm stat permanently, up to a maximum of 20
Rank2 – Love Struck: (Once/battle, counts as an action) If you pass a charm test you may charm a humanoid target of the opposite sex. While love struck they cannot take any actions and must always move to stay within 2” of you, for up to one day. Any damage done to the love struck target will cancel the effect
Rank3 – Seduce: (Once/day, counts as an action) If you pass a charm test you may seduce a humanoid target of the opposite sex. While seduced they will obey any command it is given but if it they take damage you must pass another charm test in order to retain control. Last for up to one day.