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Recall (Enchant)

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The ‘of Recall’ enchant has the ability to physically transport its user from their current location to a location linked to the enchanted item. The immense Psionic energies required to accomplish this feat are such that the enchanted item can only be linked to a limited number of locations, as follows:

  • Minor: 1 location
  • Improved: 2 locations
  • Greater: 3 locations
  • Superior: 4 locations
  • Matchless: 5 locations

Upon initial enchantment the item is unlinked. In order to link the item to a location it must be activated at the location, with its user committing the location to memory at the same time. This creates a Psionic imprint on the enchanted item with the memory of the location. If the item is capable of storing multiple locations, this process must be repeated each time . This does not necessarily mean that all locations must be stored before the item can be used for transportation. Once a location is stored it cannot be over written. If someone activates the item without having any memory of the stored locations they will be transported to one at random. This can make activating Recall enchants that don’t belong to you extremely risky.

Activation of the enchant requires a short period of undisturbed concentration. If activated in combat, surrender your entire turn. If you receive no damage and are not hit before the start of your next turn the Recall occurs.

The transportation process will take the user and any equipment they carry or are in physical contact with, but cannot be used to transport additional living beings. As such (living) mounts cannot be transported along with their rider. The only way around this would be to store a mount in a  Containing enchant just prior to activating the Recall enchant.

If the location linked to the enchanted item as been significantly altered, to the point of being beyond recognition, it is possible that the enchantment will fail to function. When successfully activated the user appears in the recall location near instantaneously. The Recall enchant does not transcend time and as such cannot, under normal circumstances, be used as a means of time travel.