Heroes Guild

Heroes Camp

as at March 22, 2015
Located Northeast of Blueshore in the Tindermoot

Heroes Camp with Palisade.PNG

Heroes Guild Hidden Complex

as at Nov 5, 2013
Hidden inside a pocket dimension, only accessible using one of the 8 keystones discovered by Heroes Guild
made (in part) using: http://www.dwarvenforge.com/mapmaker/shared?mapId=fc1828da7291579dc58e32320f5f56cf65ea69de

Guild Assets

as at July, 2015

  • own a small and very modest storefront in Blueshore where the guild sells Brownbeard Kinr Mead and other salvaged items
  • excavating a large hidden workshop (with the assistance of Bloodyfist Ogres under the guidance of Halmand Hilderbrand) somewhere in Belsath Canyon
  • as a result of excavations in Belsath Canyon, the guild has a source of raw stone units that can be transported to Heroes Camp for construction projects (must use their own wagon to maintain secrecy of the hidden workshop) amount of stone which there are stockpiling for future use at their camp. During the “Invasion of the Tindermoot” campaign, Heroes Guild has started sending a steady supply of stone to Heroes Camp (see recurring Income Sources below)
  • the mysterious Crystal Caverns near Blueshore (where Pippy was found). Technically they don’t own a claim on it, however few dare to enter the caves without Pippy’s control device, as such the guild has relatively unrestricted access to the focusing crystals found there
  • Sturdy wooden palisade surrounding entire camp (wood logs with sharpened ends, bound together vertically by rope and backed by lateral timber on the inside). Roughly 8 feet tall, set in a 4 foot high earth embankment (total height of defense is 12 feet). There is currently no rampart (platfrom for defends to walk along). There are two simple wooden watch towers set back slightly form the palisade on the west and east ends. They stand roughly 20 feet up (accessible by rope ladders) and have good sight lines for most of the encampment, with the exception of some blind spots on the north and south outer side of the palisade. Built into the south side of the palisade is a sturdy wooden gatehouse with a fully enclosed wooden tower structure built over top with arrow slits on the first floor, and murder holes over the gate. The second floor is open and serves as a rampart and battlement and also houses a Light Ballistae (looted from the Royal Order of Archons). The ammo storage for the Ballistae is below the tower on the west side, accessed by a pulley system.
  • Halmand Hilderbrand has recently completed construction of a small stone tower house (with labor provided by Ogres from the Bloodfist Clan Tribe). The inside dimensions of the tower house are roughly 12 meters by 12 meters and there is three floors, plus a basement. The main entrance to the tower house is an iron reinforced wooden door accessible via an outer stone staircase leading up to the second floor from ground level. The ground floor and basement are only accessible from inside the structure via a stone spiral staircase. The portal into the Hidden Heroes Guild Complex is located on the ground floor. Numerous windows (iron barred) and arrow slits exist throughout the walls of the tower house, making it well defensible. It also has an internal well. The third floor is actually two stories, with the lower half within the stone walls and the upper half being a vaulted wooden ceiling with a pseudo fourth floor that consists of a stone rampart and battlement surrounding the wooden vault. (Detail floor plan coming soon… ish…) (Cost was 30 stone units, 6 lumber units, 1 raw iron unit)
  • Heavy Wagon being used to transport stone guarded by Fagio and Vor Granth, Heavy Pull Cart being used to transport supplies around Heroes Camp for various construction projects


3874.2gp (last updated Dec 20, 2015)

Recurring Income Sources

(last collected Dec 20, 2015)

  • sales of Brownbeard Kinr Mead bring in 1d20 gold per (real-time) week (or during Tindermoot campaign, in game week), with 4% going to Halmand Hilderbrand and then 1d4 gold going to pay for brewing expenses
  • Dead Oak mine, a small Iron Ore mine near Heroes Camp, run by a group of halfings whom have agreed to give us a percentage of the ore they mine. It also includes an older and much deeper section where strange living crystals were found. Generates 0-1 Iron Ore Units per week
  • Belsath quarrying operations, worked by Bloodyfist Ogres, generate 2d6 stone units per week HOWEVER during the Invasion of the Tindermoot campaign there is a 50% chance that the shipment runs into problems and doesn’t make it, reduced to 5% if it has an escort assigned to it (either PC’s or NPC’s)


Last update Dec 20, 2015

  • Stone: 14 stacks
  • Lumber: 31 stacks
  • Coal: 4 stacks
  • Iron Ore: 45 stacks
  • Iron Ingots: 11 stacks

Note: 1 Coal plus 3 Iron Ore makes 1 Iron Ingot stack (requires a Smelter and can be done 1d6 times per week)


(last updated Dec 20, 2015)

Standard Cloth Standard Leather Standard Mail Standard Plate Standard Shields
Cloth Trousers x4 Studded Trousers x4 Scalemail Vambrace x2 Plate Cuirass Buckler
Quilted Gloves Leather Shirt x2 Platemail Cuisses x2 Laminar Cuirass x2 Targe x6
Quilted Robe Leather Boots x5 Platemail Sabatons Laminar Helm Kite (w/ Archon Emblem)
Cloth Wraps Leather Gloves x2 Platemail Spaulders Mirror Cuirass Kite x2
Ironweave Boots Boiled Tasset Chainmail Cuisses Mirror Spaulders Targe (w/+10% to block LoS spirit/faith powers)
Quilted Cloak x2 Boiled Cuirass x4 Lamellar Cuirass Laminar Pauldrons Tower x2
Quilted Mantle x2 Studded Gambeson Mirror Skullcap x2
Cloth Cap Boiled Helm Plate Pauldrons x2
Quilted Trousers x2 Studded Bracers x4
Cloth Shirt Leather Cap x2
Quilted Shirt x3 Ringmail Cape
Ironweave Gloves Studded Gloves
Quilted Shoes Studded Boots x2
Ironweave Cape Ringmail Trousers
Cloth Cape Splinted Cuirass x3
Cloth Mantle x3 Ringmail Gloves
Cloth Boots Studded Mantle x4
Quilted Cap Studded Cape
Ringmail Boots
Leather Mantle
Oversized Cloth Oversized Leather Oversized Mail Oversized Plate Crafted/Enchanted Armor
Cloth Bracers x3 Leather Shirt Platemail Helm x6 Mirror Skullcap x5 Astral Platinum Necklace (wild witch crone soul)
Cloth Cap Leather Boots x2 Platemail Spaulders Plate Helm Stoic Quilted Leggings
Cloth Boots x2 Leather Gloves x5 Chainmail Cuissesx6 Laminar Vambraces x3 Earthbound Mirror Skullcap
Cloth Shirt Lamellar Faulds Earthbound Boiled Spaulders x2
Quilted Cape x3 Leather Trousers Lamellar Cuiarss Laminar Gauntlet Studded Gloves of Holy Fire
Quilted Mantle x10 Leather Cap Platemail Sabitons x4 Laminar Helm Quilted shirt of minor high power
Quilted Cap x9 Studded Boot Platemail Gauntlet Plate Pauldrons Boiled Helm of minor greatness
Quilted Shirt x8 Studded Gambeson x2 Chainmail Gauntlet x3 Plate Gauntlets x3 Sacred Studded Bracers
Quilted Trousers x11 Studded Mantle Chainmail Mantle Mirror Tasset Studded Boots of Superior Fortitude
Quilted Bracers x2 Studded Bracersx6 Platemail Vembrace x2 Mirror Cuirass Fortified Plate Pauldrons
Undersized Cloth Studded Coif x3 Scalemail Cape Lamellar Spaulders of Minor Holding
Ironweave Cape Studded Gloves Shadow Focused Pendant
Ringmail Coif x3 Platemail Cuisses Primal Quilted Bracers of Greater Grace
Ringmail Mantle x3 Chainmail Coif Shadow Charged Pendant
Ringmail Trousers Black Ring
Boiled Spaulders Sacred Plate Pauldrons
Boiled Cuirass x3
Boiled Helm x4
Boiled Bracers
Boiled Tasset x9
Splinted Spaulders
Mount Cloth Mount Leather Mount Mail Mount Plate Mount Crafted/Enchanted Armor
Studded Apron
Standard Knives Standard Swords Standard Bludgeons Standard Axes Standard Handweapons
Kukri x2 Broad Sword x2 Warhammer x9 Bearded Axe Hatchet Hands (one only)
Gutripper Spatha x2 Flail Balanced Axe x3 Golem Knuckles
Kris x2 Arming Sword Morningstar x2 Reaper Claws x2
Small Seax Cutless Grandsceptre x2
Sabre x2 Massive Club
Warbrand x2 Great Hammer x2
Longsword x4 Great Mace
Large Seax Flanged Mace
Wakizashi x2
Standard Polearms Standard Staves Standard Whips Standard Bows/Crossbows Crafted/Enchanted Weapons
Bill-Hook Metal Staff x11 Chain Whip x2 War bow x2 Flanged Mace of Greater Pain
War Scythe x2 Banded Staff x2 Scourge Ratchet Crossbow Fire Focused Grand Staff of Imp. Shadow & Flame power
Spear x3 Short Staff Fletched Arrows 6 stacks of 20 Dark Charged Grand Staff
Large Quiver x2 Shifting Hunting Bow
Hollow Point Arrows x20 Broad Axe of Greater Pain
Small Quiver x1 Benevolent Greatsword
Metal Crossbow Serrated Glave of matchless Nightfall
Broadhead Arrows 3 stacks of 20 Shifting Recurve Bow
Arbalest x3 Holy Lance (Archon special weapon) x3
Heavy Zweihander of Matchless Divinity
Angelic Heavy Flail of Greater Divinity

Miscellaneous Materials

Crafting/Enchanting Materials Alchemy/Herbalism Material Dragon Scales Misc.
Manastone 0 Major Fury Potion 3 Red Drake Scales 14 Black Whelp Teeth 20
Prismatic Glass 0 Minor Fury Potion 2 Green Drake Scales 10 Black Drake Teeth 6
Dark matter 634 Superior Healing Potion 2 Black Dragon Scales 71 Death Wyrm Teeth 12
Brimstone 28 Elemental Resist. Potion 1 Black Drake Scales 82 Oiled Leather Bag 1
Everice 2 Battlemage Elixer 1 Black Wyrm Scales 86 Silk Rope 20m
Primordial Earth 13 Minor Spirit Potion 17 Black Whelp Scales 5 Orc Bone Spikes 5
Aether 8 Major Spirit Potion 3 Light Draconid scales 1 Warring Angel Feathers 4
Living Moss 24 Crude Flash Powder 1 Black Griffon Feathers 10
Stardust 8 Superior Flash Powder 1 Archon Holy Text 5
Holy Water 0 Arcane Resist Potion 5 Royal Order of Archons Badge (T2) 1
Demon Blood 0 Holy Resist Potion 1 Royal Order of Archons Badge (T4) 3
Psionic Ooze 6 Dodge Potion 1 Royal Order of Archons Badge (T6) 1
Demigod’s Tears 0 Stamina Potion 1 Archon Dog Whistle 2
Arcane Essence 158 Crude Smoke Bomb 1 Pegasus Feathers 8
Elemental Essence 6 Minor Striking 1 L. Ballistae (in storage) 1
Natural Essence 57 Major Swiftness Potion 1 Small Unicorn Horn 1
Holy Essence 126 Demonic Resist Potion 1 Heavy Belt 2
Demonic Essence 2 Flask of Winds 1 Complex Crippling Poison (Bottle) 5
PSI Essence 0 Major Healing Potion 6 Essence Harvester 1
Primal Essence 9 Scout Elixer 1 Complex Disrupting Poison (Bottle) 3
Demonic Rune 5 Lesser Health Potion 5 Complex Deadly Poison (Bottle) 3
Fire Rune 2 Minor Accuracy Potion 5 Complex Weakening Poison (Bottle) 3
Major Accuracy Potion 1 Black Whelp Claws 2
Explosive Concoction (bottle) 2 Blur Potion 2


Guild Roster

not entirely up to date


Race: Orc Secondary Skills
Class: Guardian Riding Skill (lvl4)
Level: 14 Commander (lvl5)
Title: Praetorian Bodygaurd (lvl1)
Homeland: Unknown Warcry (lvl1)
Guild Rank: Leader Skirmisher (lvl1)
Guild Role: Commander Bow Specialist (lvl4)
Guild Rep: 20
Mount: Wyvern (lvl6)
Updated: Sept. 27/15


Race: Half-elf Secondary Skills
Class: Rogue Riding (lvl4)
Level: 13 Singer Musician (lvl1)
Title: Dread stalker Strongman (lvl2)
Homeland: Rep. Of Gant Duel Wield (lvl4)
Guild Rank: Officer 1H Axe Specialist (lvl2)
Guild Role: Enforcer Bounty Hunter (lvl2)
Guild Rep: 11
Mount: Great Eagle
Update: May 8/2015 (Not a pleasant enemy to have)


Race: High Elf Secondary Skills Alchemy Recipes
Class: White Wizard Herblore (lvl2) Light HP Arcane Resist
Level: 13 Scholor (lvl1) Lesser HP Holy Resist
Title: Sorcerer Riding (lvl3) Improved HP Major Swiftness
Homeland: Cailhast Alchemy (lvl3) Major HP Scouts Elixir
Guild Rank: Officer Carpenter (lvl1) Minor Spirit Potion of Scales
Guild Role: Councillor Wand (lvl4) Major Spirit Blur Potion
Guild Rep: 18 Major Fury Minor Accuracy
Mount: Hippogriff (lvl5) Minor Vigor Explosive Concoction
Update: May 9/2015


Race: Wild Elf Secondary Skills Pets
Class: Swashbuckler Riding Skill (lvl3) Jaguar
Level: 11 Hunter (lvl3) Eagle
Title: Swashbuckler Singer/Musician (lvl1) Raptor X2
Homeland: Emladria Animal Trainer (lvl3) Mouse
Guild Rank: Officer Ladies Man (lvl1) Plain Strider
Guild Role: Ambassador Quarter Horse
Guild Rep: 17 Thoroughbred
Mount: Great Eagle (lvl3)


Race: Human Secondary Skills
Class: Shaolin Haggler (Rank1)
Level: 13 -up to 10% discount
Title: Wayward Riding Skill (Rank 3)
Homeland: Tolgatha (T5) Martial Arts (Rank 3)
Guild Rank: Member Lightning Reflexes (Rank 1)
Guild Role: Archivist Pugilist (Rank 3)
Guild Rep: 9 Hemomancy (Rank 4)
Mount: Pegasus (lvl4)
Update: Sept. 29, 2015

Pippendula (“Pippy”) Portigalia

Race: Gnome Secondary Skills Tailor Abilities
Class: Mage (Arcane) Scholar (lvl2) Repair (also works for changing sizes)
Level: 9 Tailor (lvl5) small 100%, medium 90%
Title: Undermage Engineer (lvl1) large 80%, x-large 70%
Homeland: Volanthia Adv. Spirit Studies: Devastation (lvl3) Create (at 1/4 the market price)
Guild Rank: Member small 80%, medium 70%
Guild Role: Engineer large 60%, x-large 50%
Guild Rep: 10
Mount: n/a
Update: Sept. 18, 2014

Finnius Rosencrantz V

Currently in Wonderkin trying to finance his airship project

Race: Gnome Secondary Skills
Class: Marksman Inventor, Clockworks (lvl5)
Level: 10 Sailor (lvl3)
Title: Profesional Sharpshooter (lvl3)
Homeland: Wonderkin Weapon specialist, Crossbows (lvl2)
Guild Rank: Member
Guild Role: Marketing
Guild Rep: 11
Mount ish: Gyro Helm

Gilliad the Giant

Half-elf Guard (warrior), formerly an active member of the guild but got distracted by the womens and served as a camp guard for several years. However he has recently been put back on active duty to assist in the Tindermoot Campaign.
For some of his back story check of the 2014 Kickstarter Reward: The Forgotten Arches
Enchanter (lvl2)

Improved Striking Minor Vigor Improved Nurturing
Improved Nightfall Minor Faith
Minor Fury Minor Shadow
Minor Grace Minor ” ” Power
Minor Honor Improved warding

Guild Shadows

Name: Class: Secondary:
Kazzak Ninja deceased
Luch Ranger deceased
Kyiden Assassin
Kellin Thief retired?

Provisional Members

  • Vor Granth (lvl 10 Centaur Tribal Priest)
  • Haieruf (lvl 10 High Elf Samurai Tank)

Deceased members

  • Doppy (Minotaur Shaman)

Missing Members

  • Katolina Mayberry (Human Cleric)

Guild Rules

  • 20% of all guild earnings goes directly to the guild Treasury
  • 4% of all guild earnings must go to Halmand Hilderbrand for Stone Masonry services rendered
  • remaining percentage is split between all guild members involved with the job
  • No freebies, no exceptions! -Basmoric (I will find you)


Guild NPCs

as at Sep 20, 2014

Tobias the Wide Eyed Halfling

his father is a high level Enchanter living and working in Blueshore
Rune Crafter (lvl3)

Enthralling Storm Focused Feral
Frosted Storm Charged Blessed
Brilliant Earthbound Twin Core
Fauna Primal Stout
Flora Mana Charged

Scruffy the Goblin

found in the pocket dimension hideout, memory only lasts for 1 hour
Cook (lvl2)
Upgrade = 200g

The Stronghand Family

A halfing father (Gill) and his two sons

Gill Stronghand Rietz Stronghand Gauche Stronghand
Carpenter (lvl3) Carpenter (lvl1) Carpenter (lvl1)
Siegecrafter (lvl1) Animator (lvl1)

To upgrade from lvl1 to lvl2 costs 200g each

Rolgor Hilderbrand and Uldor Hilderbrand

Dwarfs from the secluded village of Bradenlad near the northern end of Belsath canyon. Rolgor joined Heroes Guild in search of adventure and a place to belong
while spreading the fame of his weapon smithing. His brother Uldor was asked to join for his armour smithing abilities. He was enticed to follow his brothers footsteps after seeing the care and generosity of the guild and being given the opportunity to raise a rescued baby griffon alongside the griffins in the guild.
Armoursmith (lvl 5)

  • Camouflaged
  • Lightweight
  • Cruel
  • Fierce
  • Elven

Weaponsmith (lvl 5)

  • Aerodynamic
  • Keen

Halmand Hilderbrand

Rolgor’s cousin, on contract for 4% of all guild earnings
Max level Stonemason you is contracted to the guild for any stone work they need.


Primal Earth Druid (level 11) from the village of Bradenlad. Fought Avner in the Subjugation Arena, where Avner promised to save her afterwards. Avner fulfilled his promise and she is now in love with him. She has been heavily impacted by the arena and prefers solitude from all except Avner as she in recovering from the trauma.

Friar Tomberry Brownbeard

Dwarven Monk Brewmaster that runs the guild brewhouse and produces the signature Brownbeard Kinr Mead sold in Blueshore
Was formerly an active member of the guild but prefers the peaceful life of brewing mead and now serves as the camps brewmaster
Brewmaster (lvl3)
Miner (lvl1)

Fagio the Kayden

Ninja with Fletcher lvl3
Acts as a a guard for heroes camp


as at Dec 23, 2013


  • Abolish, Champion of East Arll (Orc Warrior)
Race: Orc Secondary Skills Can Train
Class: Warrior Axe Specialist (2) Basic Strength
Level: 11 Freestyle Specialist (3) Basic Stamina
Title: Champion Dual Wield (3) Known vigor abilities
Homeland: Centauri Wilds Riding (2) Known fury abilities
Group Rank: Founding Member Strongman (2)
Group Role: Leader Combat Trainer
Group Rep:
Mount:  Raptor x2, Heavy Chariot
Update: June 7/18


  • Wapakalypse (Minotaur Hydromancy Battlemage)
Race: Minotar Secondary Skills:
Class: Battlemage  Dualist (1)
Level: 11 Sword Specialist (2)
Title: Mage Warden Lightning Reflexes (3)
Homeland:  Freehand Specialist (2)
Guild Rank: Founding Member  Riding (2)
Guild Role:  Combat Trainer (1)
Guild Rep:  Adrenaline Casting (1)
Mount:  Rhino  Strongman (2)
Updated: June 7/18


  • Theomer (High Elf Runeweaver)
Race: High Elf Secondary Skills:
Class: Knight
Level: 10
Title: Boar
Guild Rank: Founding Member
Guild Role:
Guild Rep:
Update: December 8/15


  • Falathrin (Human Knight)
Race: Human Secondary Skills:
Class: Knight Haggler (3)
Level: 10 Riding (2)
Title: Cavalier 1H Sword Specialist (3)
Homeland: Tolgatha Battle Veteran (1)
Guild Rank: Member Sword + Board Specialist (1)
Guild Role: Tank Blacksmithing (2)
Guild Rep:
Mount: Warhorse
Update: Dec 8/15


  • Githroy (Centaur Psimaturgy Cleric)
Race: Centaur Freehand Specialist (2)
Class: Cleric Psimaturgy Specialist (4)
Level: 10 Cook (2)
Title: Chaplain Herblore (1)
Homeland: Centauri Wilds Behemoth (1)
Guild Rank: Member
Guild Role: Healer
Guild Rep:
Mount: I am my own mount
Update: Dec 8/15


  • Turgon (Wild Elf Monk)
Race: Wild Elf Secondary Skills:
Class: Monk
Level: 9
Title: Brother
Guild Rank: Member
Guild Role:
Guild Rep:
Update: Dec 8/15


The Great Eagle’s of Belsath Canyon

  • Heroes Guild has agreed to help the Great Eagles deal with the black dragon flight that has recently taken up residence in the canyon in exchange for the eagles friendship
  • Lolinder and his great eagle mount act as ambassadors between the two groups

Captain Something-or-other of the Puddlejumper

  • A merchant ship’s Captain based out of Blueshore that Finnius has befriended

Dwarves of Bradenlad Village

  • located at the Northern end of Belsath Canyon
  • Heroes Guild defeated a serious golem attack on the village and stopped it at the source saving the village from great disaster.
  • Katolina and company assisted the blacksmith guilds leader, Borin Hilderbrand, father of Uldor and Rolgor, in finding his son and rescuing several villagers

The Bloody Fist (Ogre) Tribe

  • one of the few Ogre tribes of the Belsath canyon that has not been brought under the control of the Ogre Mages (whom of course are mere pawns of the Black Dragon flight)
  • Heroes guild saved their tribe from extinction at the hands of the Ogre Mages and Black Dragon flight
  • Creedon fought alongside their new leader, Overlord Bloody Fist of the Bloody Fists, and earned their respect. They decided to make the “little man with bloody fists” an honorary member of their tribe
  • currently employed assisting the stone mason in building Finnius’ secret workshop/hangar in Belsath Canyon (though some have gone missing as of late…)


as at Dec 23, 2013

Renegade Mages

  • Have been experimenting with ways to control dragons
  • Created the hideout the heroes guild has now claimed as their own
  • Are currently tracking down the whereabouts of heroes guild looking for something

The Black Dragon Flight of Belsath Canyon

  • Recently claimed large sections of Belsath canyon as their own
  • Heroes guild has apposed them on numerous occasions, earning their ire
  • Confirmed by the Great Eagles that there is at least 1 breeding pair of full grown Black Dragons in the Canyon
  • A male Black Dragon has meet several members of the guild face to face, in humanoid disguise, before revealing himself to be a dragon and flying off

The Ogre-Mages of Belsath Canyon

  • A group of Ogre Mages who unnaturally gained dominance over all the other Ogre tribes, as a result of becoming servants of the Black Dragon flight

The Royal Order of Archons

  • The Paladin Order from Leonen, tasked with apprehending anyone breaking Leonen’s strict anti-magic laws. With authority coming directly form the King himself, their power is considerable within their own borders, however outside Leonen they cannot act with the same degree of authority, though they still work to protect Leonen’s interests, particular from perceived threats in the Tindermoot.
  • Though no agents of this organization has ever survived an encounter with Heroes guild, the Order is aware of a growing threat in the Tindermoot and is likely to send more Paladins to investigate