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The Fey and the Fantastic

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The Fey and the Fantastic

The following content is a synopsis of Act I – Chapter 6 of Volanthia Divided, a campaign set in Norlanin and played by members of the Realm of Strife Patron’s Guild.

Mastermage Alonsus Wetherby informs his students that they will be spending some time in the simulation lab, gaining practical hands-on experience in one of his favorite topics of study, Fey Creatures. The students are presented with two obviously fantastic creatures, no mere mundane beasts by any stretch of the imagination. The students are then asked to choose which creature they believe to be Fey in origin. Whatever creature they choose the students must then engage in mock combat, learning first hand the unique characteristics and abilities of the creature.

The first pair of creatures is a Giant Jade Spider and a Spirit Leech. The Mastermage briefly explains the unique characteristics of each and then asks them to choose. Most of the students seem to believe that the Spirit Leech must be the Fey Creature, however Dwahain chooses the Giant Jade Spider. Valleen, ever eager to prove her sense of honor, chooses the spider as well, if only to ensure tht her friend does not fight alone. Arthur likewise seems to follow Valleen, his motives his own. Both groups deal with their creatures well enough and once the first lesson is complete the Mastermage quizzes his student son their observations, giving some minor hints as to the nature of Fey Creatures.

The second pair of creatures is a hideously large Fire Toad and terrifying type of horse known as Nightmare. The students all choose the Nightmare as the Fey creature and soon find themselves scrambling away from the trail of flames that the creatures leave in their wake. They show exception team work in overcoming the threat, and earn praise from their teacher, while also being further instructed on the Fey qualities of the creatures they have just bested.

The third and final pair is a majestic Griffon and strange looking amphibian that Alonsus calls a Furnace Salamander. Once again the students all choose the same creature. While the intense heat of the Furnace Salamander nearly overcomes the brash young mage Idril, the creature mysteriously perishes when two vicious puncture wounds appear on its back from unknown sources.

The Mastermage congratulates the students on their success and launches into a full explanation of what makes a creature not simply fantastic, but truly Fey (as described in the Fey Creatures. Codex)

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