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 Items are typically organized by the type of shop they can be purchased at

  • Prices listed are buying prices for normal market conditions
  • Sell price is 10% of buying price under normal market conditions
  • 10 SP = 1 GP
  • S = 1 slot, M = 2 slots, L = 4 slots, XL = 8 slots

Travelers Shop or General Store

Alchemy Shop

Typically sold in vials, but some shops may sell bottles (which hold 3 doses, 1 instant per dose) for 3 times the price

  • Healing potions have no effect on demons or undead
  • Persistent potion effects DO NOT stack with craftings and enchants that would grant similar effects (i.e. Resistance Potions don’t stack with Resistance Enchants)
  • For use in battle can drink as an instant from your belt and an action from your backpack

Thief, Assassin, Ninja Guild Shop

Poisons are typically sold in vials, but some shops may sell bottles (which hold 3 doses) for 3 times the price

  • Poisons require a nature check each rnd before dealing damage or applying effects if passed poison disappears
  • Similar poison effects do not stack i.e. Can’t have 2 direct dam effects but could have 1 direct dam + 1 immobilize
  • Necrotic poison works off of the lesser of natural or demonic resistance

Fletchers Shop

Ranger guilds typically offer these items at half price to their members (and also carry Smoke Bombs)

Enchanting and Crafting Shop

Herbalists Shop

Stables and Livery

mount prices are for Basic Level mounts, for more experienced mounts multiply price by the level, inventory varies by region. See the Supplementary Rules section for more details on Mounts and Mount Armor.