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List of Common Object Strengths

Realm of Strife™ > Private: Rules  > Supplementary Rules > List of Common Object Strengths
MaterialTypical AbsorptionImmune to (no damage)Hardened to (half damage)Sensitive to (double damage)Weakened by (ignore absorption
Soft Fiberscloth, hempnone
Tough Fiberssilknone
Glassman-made or naturally occurring (i.e. Obsidian)10%Acid, LightEarth/LandWeapons w/ Crushing Blow
Ice10%Water/FrostHeat/FireWeapons w/ Cleaving
Ceramicclay, porcelain25%StormHeat/FireFrostWeapons w/ Crushing Blow
Bone10%Weapons w/ Crushing Blow
Soft Woodscedar, pine, spruce, etc…25%Heat/FireWeapons w/ Cleaving
Hard Woodsash, maple, oak, elm, etc…50%Heat/FireWeapons w/ Cleaving
Soft Metalsbronze, copper, brass, tin, etc…50%Earth/LandStorm/AcidHeat/Fire, Weapons w/ Crushing Blow or
Armor Piercing
Hard Metalsiron, steel, titanium, etc…75%Earth/LandStorm/AcidHeat/Fire, Weapons w/ Crushing Blow or
Armor Piercing
Stone75%Earth/LandWater/FrostHeat/Fire, Weapons w/ Crushing Blow or
Armor Piercing
Rubber75%StormHeat/FireWeapons w/ Cleaving

Note: all inorganic materials are immune to poison, disease, psychological effects and most non-physical faith-based damage/effects