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Air Magic

School of Magic Air
Domain Elemental
Polarity Chaos
Realm of Origin The Realm of Storms
Associated Colors White, Grey Tones
Associated Materials Quartz
Crafting/Enchant Material Aether
School of Powers Wind
Academic Name Aeromancy
Traditional Name Lore of Sky
School of Powers, Volatile Storm
Academic Name Electromancy
Traditional Name Lore of Thunder

Lore coming soon…

Passive Effects

Passive Effects for Air Magic are unique to each School of Powers:

Wind Power Passives

Applies to Wind powers only NOT Storm Powers

Wind Effects

Wind effects commonly involve Knock-down, Knock-back, and/or Knock-up effects. Unless otherwise stated, when these effects are a result of Wind Powers the size of the caster is NOT considered, instead use the Tier of the Power or Tier of the Caster (which ever is higher) to determine if the maximum Creature Size that the effects will occur for:

  • Tier 0 = Tiny or smaller
  • Tier 1 = Small or smaller
  • Tier 2 = Medium or smaller
  • Tier 3 = Large or smaller
  • Tier 4 = Huge or smaller
  • Tier 5 = Massive or smaller
  • Tier 6 & 7 = Gargantuan or smaller

Gathering Winds

  • After casting 4 Air powers in a row the next Air Power has the casters choice of EITHER being free-to-cast or +15% Critical Cast chance

Storm Power Passives

Volatile Powers

  • All Storm Powers are considered Volatile Powers


The continued use of volatile storm powers puts the caster into an Overcharged state, increasing the chances of both critical failures and critical casts. Remaining in this state too long will cause the caster to lose control of their powers, causing random outbursts of electrical energy. 

  • When 4 or more stacks of Volatile Storm energy are present on the caster, gain +15% to BOTH Critical Cast & Critical Fail
  • Upon reaching 8 stacks, the caster loses control of their turns until dropping back down to 4 or less stacks, during which time they hover several meters off the ground and fire off 1d4 lightning bolts, each in a random direction and striking friend of foe
  • The Overcharged random Lightning Bolts do not cost any spirit, cannot crit cast or fail, and reduce Volatile Storm stacks by one each

Air & Storm Power List

See Spirit Disciplines & Archetypes for detailed descriptions of each Discipline and Archetype (including its Critical Cast and Critical Failure results). Use the filters below to refine your search.