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The Ruined Tower of Azmindar

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The Ruined Tower of Azmindar is the blasted remains of an isolated tower once belonging to a powerful Renegade mage in the Centauri Wilds. It is known locally as a nexus of magical energy; however, the chaotic nature of the loose magic surrounding the site makes it extremely dangerous.

The concept for the Ruined Tower of Azmindar was created in part by Shawn Rotchford (Calgary, Alberta) as part of his ‘Foot Knight package’ backer reward from the 2014 Realm of Strife Kickstarter Campaign.

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In the wake of the violent end of the Mage Rebellion in Leonen over a hundred years ago, Mages and other practitioners of the Spiritual arts throughout Norlanin fled to the relative safety of Volanthia. During the years that followed, there was an unprecedented rise in Renegade mages and other outlaws as the Mage Colleges lacked the resources to enforce the Laws of Magic. One such Renegade was an aging human named Azmindar. Exiled from Leonen after the Mage Rebellion, he choose to settle in Centauri City where he earned a small fortune as a mage for hire. With no active presence of the restrictive Mage Colleges in Centauri, it was not long before Azmindar began to realize how much power he truly possessed when not forced to study a singular School of Spirit Powers. He quickly fell to the allure of that power. Taking his wealth and magic with him, he constructed a tower in a lonely and uninhabited section of the the Running Plains.

Azmindar became a recluse, and locked within his tower he studied magic in all its facets for no other reason but an insatiable thirst for knowledge and power. So far from civilization, he cared not for the repercussions of his work. Unlike Mage towers built by the Colleges, Azmindar saw little need to place wards around his tower to contain the magic. As he threw himself into his studies with reckless abandon, his magic began to seep out of the tower. The surrounding area was transformed, its natural characteristics constantly in flux based upon whatever new powers Azmindar was experimenting with.

Though the Running Plains of the Centauri Wilds is among the most sparsely populated areas of Norlanin, what little civilization exists there is centered in Centauri City. Ever a gathering place for adventurers, sell-swords, and treasure hunters, it was not long before rumors of the Tower of Azmindar began to make their rounds in the taverns and drinking holes of the city. One brave and possibly foolish group of adventurers, whose names are all but forgotten, decided to seek out the tower and the wealth of magical artifacts that it was said to house. The loose magic surrounding the tower proved to be an effective defense against intruders and the adventurers dared not approach too close for fear of having to contend with angry elemental spirits, as well as other bizarre creatures and anomalies that seemed to flash in and out of existence around its grounds.

Though they were turned away at first, the adventurers kept a casual eye upon the tower, and so they discovered one day that the fluctuating magical energy enshrouding the tower had dissipated. After several days of the tower and surrounding area appearing “normal”, the adventurers decided to investigate, thinking that perhaps the elderly master of the tower had perished. Soaking themselves in liquid courage that night, they left their tavern with dreams of wealth and riches, convinced that the tower held innumerable magical artifacts and relics that would both make them rich and powerful beyond measure. One among them was even said to have forgone his claim to any loot, and instead would claim the tower itself for his own use.

Unfortunately, the adventurers were wrong. The Renegade Mage Azmindar was not dead, but simply resting between projects. When the intruders set foot within the tower Azmindar defended himself with his full fury. Knowing no bounds in his personal experiments with magic, he likewise held nothing back in his assault against the band of adventurers. Though none are alive who witnessed that battle, what is known is that the resulting explosion could be seen in the night sky all the way from Centauri City. When someone finally dared to go investigate they found the tower in ruins. The upper three-quarters of its walls had toppled, casting debris in a wide radius around a shattered stone stump of a tower. All that remained intact was a elevated stone floor, etched in runes of power and believed to have been Azmindar’s inner sanctum and the site of the final showdown between the Renegade mage and the intruders.

If loose magic had seeped out of tower while Azmindar yet lived, with its walls shattered and master gone there was now nothing to contain it. The whole area was bathed on chaotic and conflicting spiritual energy. The very laws of nature, time, and magic seemed to not apply, and any who drew close to the ruins were never seen again.

Sixty years later, the Ruined Tower of Azmindar is now steeped in legend, and though still surrounded by unpredictable spiritual forces, it is said that those powers have slowly dissipated over the years. Though the dangers of the Ruined Tower of Azmindar are not what they once were, it is still not ground to be lightly tread upon. Many have attempted to explore the ruins in search of items of power or ancient spellbooks, only to return driven half mad by its magic. Some even say that the ruins are haunted by the spirit of Azmindar himself. Regardless of the dangers, it has become a nexus of magical energy. The ruins are rumored to be used as a ritual site for Shamans and Druids in the Centauri Wilds, and place of pilgrimage whispered among the ranks of Runeweavers.