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Burnt Ember Monument

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The Burnt Ember Monument is a simple stone cairn found in the Centauri Wilds, constructed by unknown hands around a pile of burnt timber.

The concept for the Burnt Ember Monument was created in part by Mitchell Toth (Calgary, Alberta) as part of his ‘Knight Regular package’ backer reward from the 2014 Realm of Strife Kickstarter Campaign.

Burnt Ember Monument.PNG

It marks the site of the ruins of a small Orcish settlement along the coast of the Running Plains in the Centauri Wilds. The Orcs that once lived there were thought to be a splinter group left behind from one of the countless raiding parties from the Darklands that have harassed the coastline throughout Norlanin for years beyond counting. Aside from that, not much is know about their tribe. Perhaps the only thing that makes their tribe noteworthy, is simply that someone mourned their passing at all. Ruined settlements and massacred tribes are all too common in the harsh vastness of the Centauri Wilds. Yet the presence of the mysterious stone cairn, known in these parts simply as the Burnt Ember Monument, is a testament to the fact that someone, somewhere, cared enough to mark the place where this tribes bloodline was extinguished.

In more recent years, the weathered stone has been defaced. Scrawled across the cairn is one word, freshly carved by a strong but untrained hand: “ABOLISH”.