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Containing (Enchantment)

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The ‘of Containing’ enchant uses arcane spirit energy to create a pocket dimension in which inanimate objects and sometimes sentient beings can physically be stored. Due to the immense spiritual energy involved to maintain a pocket dimension within the enchanted device or item, there are size restrictions. Sentient beings cannot generally be forced into the pocket dimension against their will, and while housed within are sustained by the power of the enchant for as long as it is maintained. Once inside however, typically the sentient being or inanimate object is trapped inside the enchant until released. Each containing enchant is different and as such time and space are experienced differently by each sentient being that chooses to enter the pocket dimension. If a containing enchant is dispelled whatever is contained within it is immediately released.

The ‘of Containing’ enchant seems to fail when attempting to contain beings of the Third Creation (i.e. Humanoids, Anthromorphs, Greenskins). Enchanters hypothesize that the presence of a soul somehow contravenes the effect.