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Crafting and Repairing

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Standard Crafting and Repairing represents the work of entry level Tailors, Leatherworkers, Weapon Smiths, Armor Smiths and Craftsmen. Standard crafting essentially represents the standard quality of equipment found in the Weapons, Armor, and Shops sections, and technically could use the prefix “Standard” however this is usually ignored.

All Standard crafting and repairing is considered to be Rank1.

Standard Crafting

Standard crafting requires the presence of a PC or NPC possessing adequate skill levels in the Blacksmith, Leatherworker, Tailor, or Craftsman Secondary Skills.

  • one Standard Crafting attempt can be made each day
  • materials required for a standard crafting attempt are 25% of the market price of that item
  • failed attempts to make weapons/armor/items result in a complete lost of the materials used
  • an appropriate schematic/recipe is required if the crafter does not have prior knowledge experience with that particular crafting


Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, Tailors, and Craftsmen typically also have the ability to repair damaged weapons, armor or items (see each appropriate secondary skill for details).

  • two Repair attempts can be made each day
  • after two consecutive failures to repair an item, it is considered completely destroyed
  • repair costs vary depending on the damaged item effects and value they have in their damaged state, based as a percentage of the full market price of the item (see list below)
Value prefix (damaged) Description
10% shattered/broken in pieces, may be re-forged/repaired (costs 90% of normal price to repair back to normal function)
50% cracked/weakened/damaged (weapon) 1/2 damage, 1/2 effects excepts negative (costs 50% of normal price to repair back to normal function)
50% inferior 1/2 damage and/or armor, 1/2 effects except negative
50% inferior/simple/crude/damaged (armor) 1/2 armor value, full negative effects (often made from naturally occurring materials)
75% rusted/dented (armor) – 1 armor, for mail/plate (costs 25% of normal price to repair back to normal function)
75% tattered/rotten (armor) – 1 armor, for cloth/leather (costs 25% of normal price to repair back to normal function)