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BETA Honor Skills

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This is a work in progress…

New Honor Codes, Oaths and Virtues as of Feb 16, 2024


Each class should have one Code Code that is the default for that class at character creation, plus three potential Great Codes, and 9 potential Minor Codes.

Over the full course of level 1-20, Honor classes will choose up to a maximum of 3 Codes. Second and Third codes are typically unlocked based on titles. Minor Codes are available after achieving Tier 2 power, while great Codes are available after achieving T4 power and are limited to 1 only. Therefore, full three code options are either, Core + Minor + Great codes OR Core + Minor x2 codes.

Code stacks are gained by passing an Honor test at the start of each fo your turns and now persist after combat. After completing at least an uninterrupted half-rest, you also gain Code stacks (your choice which types) according to your current Honor:

  • 0-5 = 1 stack
  • 6-10 = 2 stacks
  • 11-15 =  3 stacks
  • 16-20 = 4 stacks
  • Knights always receive +1 more than this

Filter this list by Class to see all available Codes for your class.

Oaths and Virtues

At character creation you may choose one Oath and one Virtue from your Code Code. New Oaths and virtues are awarded each level up from any Code you have selected as follows:

Level Oath Virtue Code Skill
0 +1 +1
1-10 +1 +1 +1
11-20 +1 odd +1 even +1
Total 16 16 20

If your particular selection of Codes does not provide you with a unique choice of  a new Oath or Virtue at level up, you can “double up” on an existing Oath or Virtue to make it an Empowered Oath or Virtue, doubling its effects. You cannot choose to empower an Oath or Virtue if there is a viable choice for a new Oath or Virtue that you do not already have.

Select a Code from the above list for your class and use either the drop down search menu or the search bar below to filter your selection.