Codex of Creation now live

We are pleased to announce that a beta version of the Codex of Creation is now available on the website. At the time of this post, only the Codex of Beasts is available, however we are working hard to further expand the selection of creations.

Codex of Creation sub sections currently available:

  • Codex of Beasts (published)
  • Codex of Demons (coming soon)
  • Codex of Denizens (coming soon)
  • Codex of Dragonkind (coming soon)
  • More to follow…

The Codex of Creation is a vital tool for GMs to create engaging encounters for their players and we make every attempt to provide GMs with a  wide variety of creatures at their disposal. New entries are being added regularly.

Many entries in the Codex have not been flushed out, and do not currently  appear in the web version of the Codex of Creation. If you are looking for a entry that does not appear in the Codex of Creation please comment on this post and request that an entry be added to the codex and we will endeavor to publish your request in a timely manner.

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